Arsenal Vs West Ham United (PL)


Who doesn’t love a bit of prime time Saturday night football?!

We start our home Premier League season with another London Derby. Same result please. COYG

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • West Ham win

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That’s a great kick off time

I don’t want to sound cocky, though I probably will. But honestly reckon we just need to turn up and we win this one.

Another 3 0 Another team that will be relegated.


Last season this was our last game before lockdown and the last game with a full stadium of fans.

Should be a straightforward win, West Ham are a utterly pointless team.

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Can the men equal the women’s absolute demolition of West Ham Ladies? Maybe we can loan Roord in for a match?


Based by this match v Newcastle, I’d be disappointed if we don’t win by at least 3. They are so bad!

West Ham, Fulham and who else goes down

West Brom or Burnley hopefully.

Though I don’t actually think West Ham will go down. They’ll sack Moyes, hire Big Sam again, and do just enough to survive.

Another bottom 5 team we face here, going to say comfortable 2-0 win.

Sounds so plausible.

I wouldn’t mind seeing the back of Burnley, especially after that stunt their fans pulled last year. They also play some horrific stuff.

@Aussiegooner Saturday night kickoff whats that for you Is it a decent time for you haha

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8pm kick of sucks I be starting night shift :sob::disappointed:.

Should put 4 goals past them.

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It’s 5am on the Sunday morning mate so just the same slot as midweek or European games but on a Sunday. It may seem bad but it isn’t the worst as my dog wakes up at that time and that’s my body block for work.

My favourite time slot is undoubtedly the one we had against Fulham though, 930pm on a Saturday night.


3am for me. Give me more lunch time kick offs pleaseeeee

21 votes, 100% Arsenal to win.

Arteta really is a god.


Don’t jinx us please

And, it’s West Ham

All this really confirms is that @Midfield_Maestro hasn’t voted yet.

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