Arsenal vs Watford (PL)


Be great to win a league game lads been a while eh?

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Watford win

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Going to say 2-2 in this one, all our energy will be spent on Europa League games.


What happened to your mascot based polls?


I ran out of activities for them to do :cry:


Harry the Hornet is a troublemaker. Wouldn’t fancy Gunnersaurus against that sneaky so and so.


They’ve got a good record against us in much better times than this. Think this will be a comfortable win for Watford.


Oh come on. You hadn’t even done a boat or hot air balloon race yet.


I want to win this fixture simply so that we don’t have to hear Troy Deeney mouthing off about how weak we are again.

Don’t think we’ll win more than about half of our remaining league games but think this will be one of them


I want to tell you not to be ridiculous. But I can’t.


We should be able to beat them at home lol!


Think we are gonna win it in the end. Auba to score a brace.


Fine both mascots start in John o groats and are in a race to get to the Emirates who gets there first?

  • Gunnersaurus in a boat
  • Harry the Hornet in a hot air balloon

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What? So many injuries again FFS!


After our midweek European blip, we’ll be back to losing ways in this one.


Time to show some cojones, and beat the shit out of this lot.


I can’t see us not winning this game but I’m probably being horrendously naive. If we do put in an Östersund level performance after that Milan game then our entire squad need a psychological evaluation


:gun: :gun:
Nice to see some fire in the belly


We will molest them.


6-0. Aubameyang :tophat: trick.

Do it for fuckness sake.


We’ll now think we are the absolute DONS after beating a poor Milan side side and stroll about in this game.