Arsenal Vs Watford (PL)

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The FA actually asked Watford if they’d like this fixture moved to Wednesday, to save them playing 2 games in 3 days but they said no because they’d rather have longer to prepare for Burnley at the weekend. They’re basically writing off our game. That’s the spirit.
[/quote]I’ll change that to 5-0 or more :grinning:
It would be fair to say they are not coming here to go for the win, so if we score early they might just give up and let us walk all over them.

Good. Time to further increase our GD.

Even more odd that Mazzari changed so many players for the Fa Cup then, rather than going for it against Millwall, ringing the changes away at Arsenal and then bringing their front line in again for Burnley.

Going to be interesting to see what forward 4 we go with aside from Sanchez and Ozil.


Play strongest team, get game won, 4-0 by half time then rest Sanchez, özil the 2 dogs and uncle Tom Cobley and all…

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3-1? Would be good to give Ox and Perez a start

Fuck it, another 5-0.

Sanchez, Ozil, Sanchez, Ozil and Welbeck to top of a wonderful night.

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Everyone is being overly optimistic about this one. Will be interesting to see all the predictions for the Chelsea game on Saturday :smile:

I had a dream that I literally just woke up from that we lost 4 - 1 to Chelsea .

Well that doesn’t sound too bad to me. 1 goal is 1 more than I’m expecting :grinning:

I just wanna know what our lineup is going to be.

I’d like to see Lucas and Welbeck start again and see if they can pick up where they left off against Southampton

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Need to be cautious with Welbz at this point, let him a full recovery. He looks hungry and full of desire, I’d set him loose against Chelsea tbh. The fluid front 3 is the best way to unsettle chelsea’s defensive solidarity, we have to press them to death. Literally give them no peace on the ball


I’m with you. Now will be important to be quiet with Danny and help him to not stress his muscles.

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He looks hungry and full of desire, I’d set him loose against Chelsea tbh.

I agree. He likes a big game, he has Man United DNA. I’d leave him out of the Watford match and save him for Chelsea.

Expect Theo, Perez and Giroud to start. One between Alexis and Mesut will sit on the bench.

I can still see Watford getting relegated, I have no worries about tonight’s result whatsoever. Also think Liverpool are going to beat the chavs on one of those faaaamous Anfield nights under the lights laaaaar

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If that happens and we beat Chelsea we will be two points behind and it’s game on.
If Chelsea beat Liverpool and us, it’s probably their title.

I think we’ll beat Watford and get a draw with Chelsea, and Liverpool might also get a point against them, so it’s still to play for.

We should also get a few against Watford to help with our goal difference.

Ox at CM is a must for me. Need as much playing time as possible to be fit for Chelsea.

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