Arsenal Vs Valencia (UEL Semi Final 1st Leg)

Thursday 02 May
The Emirates Stadium
KO: 20:00 :clock8:

  • Arsenal win
  • Valencia win
  • Draw

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Better win

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C’mon Unai. Use those Europa League savant powers of yours!!!

Easy Arsenal win

Bit worried, 3 losses is no kind of form to take into this and we have risked Koscielny playing as well too. Valencia lost too tho and didn’t really rest anyone, apart from Mina.

Also they’ll have an eye on the King’s Cup.

Narrow Arsenal win.


Gone for the draw but we may take a narrow lead. Either way im not thinking of a positive outcome on the tie.
Playing poor but also look very tired. We dont do expectation well.


This will be interesting as our confidence is at really low point, so much pressure on the match with our top 4 hopes all but gone also.

Arsenal 2-1 Valencia.

We will need a 4-0 lead to take with us away from home. But I’m not confident we will win this over 2 legs at this point. I think we win the home leg by 2-1. We will let in a goal by some stupid defending. The only thing that fills me with confidence is the Europa League teams don’t play that high pressing football like most PL teams do.

We need to win the EL at this point, which we can. But will this bunch of bottlers show up is the other question.

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After the the last 4 fixtures in the PL what makes anyone confident we’ll beat Valencia?


Completely different mentality in Europa. We’ll win 3-1.


If we lose, that means emery equals Wengers worst season

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Basically I think this is where the heads of the players and manger have been over those games.

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Europa league is no excuse for the complete coming apart of this squad especially considering our luck in fixtures, our so called “easy run of games”.

Sorry but spuds have had tougher fixtures with injuries and no squad depth but are still producing in the PL as well as the Champions League.

Sorry but I think we’re done for the season. We’ll finish 6th and get knocked out by Valencia.


I’ll be Emery out if we get humbled here tbh

Think we’ll edge it but could feasibly see a draw

Nobody excused it.

This game is so important it isn’t even funny…

Still hates Mysty :arteta: haha absolute scenes

Looking at their statistics they seem like a team who don’t concede a lot and are difficult to beat, but at the same time they can’t buy goals. I think the current #4, #5 and #6 in the Premier League are better than their La Liga equivalents and we should progress.