Arsenal vs Tottenham (Premier League)


Apparently he’s not racist because he’s Greek Cypriot. Because obviously if you’re not white British then you can’t be racist in this country. And obviously he’s also had black friends his entire life, because black people are the only people who can be victims of racism and because he’s befriended some it can’t possibly mean he’s a racist.


Or hear me out …he could have just pissed and threw whatever he could find on to the pitch :man_shrugging:t5:.

But in a serious note he should have been more aware rather let the situation get the best of him; on a positive he did call and turn himself in. We are all aware of the racism that had blighted football in the past, which in a way made this situation worse on the surface.

Btw I don’t get that no win scenario of calling a person racist, then when they say I have x friend people say that’s proof of racism because their brought it up.


I don’t think anyone is implying that him saying “I’ve got black friends” is proof that he is racist, what people are saying is that it isn’t proof that he is not racist


It’s anecdotal :man_facepalming:t5:, I’ve seen people do that; and I wasn’t talking about the dude specifically, BTW did you not read the post before mine…


I did the read the post before yours, and I suspect I did so more carefully than you did, because @SRCJJ didn’t say that him saying “I have black friends” is proof that the guy is racist. He didn’t even imply it.


pops popcorn and keeps this tab open


Clearly you did not because the very point at the end exemplifies what on about. You take in two directions

  1. Having black friends doesn’t excuse you of being racist.
  2. Having black friends masks your racism.

But seriously my point was just making fun of the situation because are taking well beyond what it is; please enlighten me oh virtuous and enlightened one how should I look at this situation.


I don’t even know what you’re on about, I’m not telling you how to think about things, I’m not even preaching about anything, which I do admittedly do sometimes.

You said you don’t understand how saying “I have black friends” is proof of racism, I said that nobody is saying that. You said you’ve seen it elsewhere, which I ignored because I can’t argue with what you may have seen elsewhere, so that’s fair enough.

But you suggested I hadnt read SRCJJ’s post, implying that something he said indicated that he thought saying “I have black friends” is proof that the person saying it isn’t racism. Which is absolutely not the case, he didn’t imply it and he liked both of my previous posts, further backing up what I said about him not implying that at all.

The part I quoted sounded like a serious point, you sincerely saying you didn’t understand something, which is what I responded to. I don’t believe that you said that in a “making fun of the situation” kind of way, but whatever.

If you don’t follow what I’m saying after this post then I have to give up, because it simply indicates that your reading comprehension isn’t up to much, and I can’t continue repeating myself cos it’s boring me, so I can only imagine how boring it is for everyone else.


First you did not get what I said from my first post:

That’s me presenting an anecdote not in reference to SRCJJ. You defended SRCJJ’s stance which is essentially “he may have black friends but he still can be racist to other races”; my post just highlights how it sets up two positions he is using the “black friends” as a cover to shield him the label racist although there is a possibility of being racist to other groups, or by merely mention having black friends as proof of overt racism.

Basically he is not racist to black but could be racist to others or using “ive got black friends to hide his racism; it’s a no win scenario:

The last bit of the quote exemplifies my point, you don’t even need comprehension skills it’s in black and white, my god to the point you replace black with any race same outcome; you choose to ignore it because of you look at what I said in my first post as a mischaracterisation of what SRCJJ said, which clearly not the case.

So I think you need to brush up on comprehension rather than taken what I’ve said out of context.

It’s funny I said oh virtuous and righteous one enlighten me and you proceed to do just that, the irony :joy:.

Oh as “minority” I guess to my detriment I can just obfuscate my understanding to internal racism😎.


I really feel people should be careful with those sentiments purely on this basis it sets you up; anytime you support something or say certain in regard to race religion etc, it can be misconstrued to have a dual meaning; on the surface it’s just a facade to cover how you actually feel.
For me it’s very dangerous to align your thoughts like that, it just lends to the idea anyone can be your potential enemy, any good that is done is to cover up the hidden bad.


I honestly don’t get the need to want to celebrate in front of opposition fans. Especially when you’re at home, in front of your own fans.


Incredible game! By far the best birthday gift I’ve ever gotten, can’t believe I actually went and saw this game in real life!


This NLD was the most meaningful since the 2-2 at the Lane. Not only was it an outstanding Premier League game but it’s nice that it actually was a genuine crunch game, between two quality sides in a cut throat race for league supremacy. Memorable day in every way. The credit should go to Emery and his backroom staff for this joy returning to us again.


Funnily enough he didn’t have anything to say about celebrating a first half equaliser like a cunt…


So that’s him fucked then


This is high comedy at is finest. Call me back when you win something asshole.


Hey guys long time…what I miss?


Ahahahahaaaaa still buzzing!:poldi:


Watch the sp*rs fans reactions. Their tears bring a smile to my face :iwobi:


I can’t find a clip of it, but after Vertonghen was sent off, the cameras zoomed in on the Spurs fans leaving the Emirates, and there was one fan in particular who removed his shirt as he left as if he was embarrassed to be seen in it :smile:


Spurs fans reactions