Arsenal vs Tottenham (Premier League)


@Discobot fortune is this true?


:crystal_ball: Ask again later


Discobot isn’t so sure about that Mysty :grin:


It’s hardly going to say yes is it? :smiley: He’s just salty :unai:


Discobot hates Mysty. He always throws him under the bus :smile:


Taken from @Electrifying 's post from above





Has anyone gone back to see if their first goal was in fact offside? It looked that way from TV.


That was my immediate reaction. Offside. Not a thing said in the Sky Sports studio. Nothing said here, either :joy:


I’ve been to two North London Derby’s. I know how to pick em. :sunglasses:


Still can’t believe the result.

One thing is for sure, Harry is indeed a wizard. He managed to turn invisible for 90 minutes. Incredible skill.


It was close. Thought he was on, also thought Leno should have done much better.


Love this retro Teletext account on twitter!!


I have a feeling this may be directed specifically at me. :thinking:




Well, you got your wish of an Auba double after all @Calum :smiley:


My vocie is so fucked I can barely even type.


Love it. Dier must feel like such a mug :joy::joy:


Come on then Mr Big Game @Mysty . Start the Matchday thread for Wednesday’s match v United. I’m on a high, I wanna get my 4-0 Arsenal prediction in before I change my mind.