Arsenal Vs Tottenham (PL)

Premier League Match 28
Sunday 17 March 2021
The Emirates Stadium
KO: 16:30 :clock430:
:tv: Sky Sports

Fun-fact time. This is our first home NLD since September 2019

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Bird sitting on ball cunts win

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Going to say 1-1 draw with neither side having the Cajones to get the win in the latter stages.

There’s just no way we win this.

We commit so many errors leading to goals and doing it against Olympiakos and Burnley is one thing, but you just can’t do that against Spurs in the NLD. Kane and Son will not let us get away with it.


Mourinho will use the same strategy as in the last game and it will work as Arsenal won’t make the right adjustments. The space in the full back position when either Bellerin or Tierney go forward is mostly what I’m referring to.

Change to a back three for this game, and prevent Spurs from jumping on our weak spots.

Start Pepe and Lacazette.


Bird sitting on ball cunts have no chance against a well rested Cedric Soares.
2-0 Saka brace.


6-0 Arsenal. Fuck these cunts.


The only thing giving me hope is that they have several clowns in their side as well capable of individual errors. I have zero confidence in this team keeping a clean sheet and we really struggle to create and score…may be a rough watch.

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Controversial Kane penalty and Son to capitalise on a defensive error.

5-2 Arsenal.


Kane bale and son is just too much firepower for us to deal with. Can’t see us taking anything from this.

They are actually pretty shit and we should be putting them to the sword but, this is Arteta’s Arsenal who are uninspiring as fuck so ripppppppppppp

I can see Jose going all gutless though as he usually does in profile games, so not sure how much service they’ll get tbh.

Yeah not falling for their mind games.

Then again, the EL is more important than the PL for both teams, so we could see some changes


Mourinho had the measure of Wenger almost every time we played them and I can’t see it being much different with Arteta.
We really have to win this to have any chance of catching them up or getting a top six place.
If they win, spurs could be on course for a top four place and they will finish higher than us in the PL again so we simply have to beat them.

I’ll go for 2-2, with Aubameyang and Pepe to score.

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I wonder what would happen if we sat back too. Maybe Jose’s team would implode and their little brains would not be able to comprehend on what’s going on. We then only attack for the final 5 mins and win 1-0 with an accumulative 1 shot on target for both teams.


We can beat them, Spurs have struggled as much as we have through out the season and have absolute clowns at the back. If the right Arsenal turns up we can confidently beat Spurs I think we’re going to win this one.


It’s worked in our favor before when Kane is legit injured and tries to play, hope that’s the case on Sunday.

Just think it’s written in the stars we play them again in Europe.


I’m not sure I could watch a final against them. Would make me sick with nerves. So much on the line.

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Think it’ll be a round before. So in a way the more significant NLD at the Emirates this year may well not be Sunday.