Arsenal vs Southampton (Premier League)

Arsenal vs Southampton
Sat 10th Sep 15.00
Emirates Stadium

This match still feels a decade away, it’s gonna be a long wait. I always hate this period of the season, we just got things up and running and already face an international break with potential injuries to key players. For some reason it feels like more than 2 weeks.

I think we’ll do Southampton at home - who haven’t started the season well at all - I can see this being fairly comfortable in fact. I predict both Mustafi and Lucas to warm the bench, with Giroud coming back in the team. Alexis moves to the wing to replace Ox, Theo keeps his place.

I’m going for 2-0 to the Arse, with a late debut for Lucas, Mustafi will start vs PSG.

#What will be the outcome?

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Southampton win

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2-0 to the Arsenal.

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Yeah this has such a 2-0 vibe about it. They’ve started pretty slowly too so we should be fine.

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No Mane to fist us. He’s already done that this season.

Going for 3-0.

If Mustafi and Perez don’t start am gonna be a bit annoyed tbh. We know what Giroud can do. Start the new guy!

3-0 The Gunners!

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First game I’m attending for a few years so I can’t wait, plus the more confident vibe around the place with the signings we’ve made. Should be a good day!

I always have a dodgy feeling when it comes to Southampton, they always seem to up their game when we play each other. For pure confidence, I’m going for a win.

Will reserve comment untill after the Interlull ,we might not have any fit players by then !

Need to improve our home form, as it has been awful in the last years. Can’t see Mustafi and Pérez starting.

We’ll beat them easily at the Emirates but struggle away.


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Can see Perez starting. He’s already match fit, and had no international obligations this summer.

But I think Holding will play ahead of Mustafi.

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Yeah, we never win against them away.

This should be a win, a big win for us.3-0 or 4-0

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Good time for us to get on a run… get 6/6 next and consolidate our position and bed in the new players. Expecting 2-0 to us, maybe 3-0. COYG!

I think we will win but I just can’t be confident about any game we’re facing in the near future right now.

Mustafi is match fit and with his reputation why wouldn’t he start ?

Why are people starting Holding??

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That’s what I think will be our starting lineup, not what I would pick :slight_smile:

I would go with


I am a little bit bemused by the positivity expressed so far. It has been an evident trend in recent years that we struggle against decent opposition at home, our weaknesses were exposed long ago and teams are becoming more and more apt to adopt tactics against our style of play that a certain someone at the helm of the club is reluctant to change. So with that in mind, while Southampton have started the season poorly, we are just the kind of team they can do well against, even when they get beat by pretty much everyone else and that is an overstatement of course. So while I think it will be awhile before Southampton shake off the changes they went through this summer and pick up form, they will probably still get a result from us.

1-2 Southampton.

Nice one. What’s next? Leicester to do the quadruple this season?