Arsenal Vs Southampton (PL)

  • Arsenal take the lead and draw
  • Arsenal take the lead and lose
  • Arsenal take the lead and win
  • Draw
  • Southampton win
  • Arsenal win

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Comfortable win.


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6-0 Arsenal. Emery out.


Emery to continue the car crash he started. Arsenal to be a tin can by December.

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1-1 Draw.

Shane Long to appear from nowhere and score the equaliser.

3-2 or smth

Not overly enthusiastic about the return of club football, I must say this last int’l break has been a blessing, think this will end in a draw.


Hope we lose again

Also hope the fans properly kick off.

Arteta in

If we fail to get 6 points from Soton + Norritch I’ll join @Electrifying in writing ambiguous posts in the Emery thread. Non-negotiable.


We’ll most likely take 6 points from Southampton and Norwich but (not setting the bar too low or anything) if we don’t then I’d start thinking Emery could be out by Christmas. The Poch sacking might also provide a window of opportunity

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By Christmas? If the guy can’t win those games then we’re going on a relegation run, no joke.

If he doesn’t I’ll start a go-fund me for £5 for a pack of cigarettes and then buy a flight ticket to London, rent a canoe, strap him to the side and paddle him down to San Sebastian. The cigarettes are for smoking in my canoe as we float along the coastline off of Bordeaux. Once we get to San Sebastian we chill at the port until noon, then I’ll untie him and he can walk to Hondarribia, Google says it’s 16km, he’ll be home just in time to say good ebening.


Hope to Christ we win but think we’re to far gone now. 2 3 Saints. Danny Inngs to wreck us.

We will go behind to a sloppy goal off the back of their high press and then we push hard for 70 minutes and get a goal in the 82nd minute to level things up.


With Emery still in charge, anything can happen.

This will be my pre-match prediction for every game till he is sacked or dies.

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Good ebebing, first of all the international break went to briskly and wasn’t long enough.

As for the game, I’ve gone with 1-1 draw, but we could edge an ugly 2-1 win, really not sure what I’d prefer, truth be told I’m not overly fussed.

What you going for @JakeyBoy?

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Can we extend the interlull a bit more?


We must win and we will win 2-1 COYG