Arsenal vs Rennes (Europa League) Last 16 2nd leg


Mustafi to ruin the evening :mustafi:


Don’t you start. You are a good poster.


Lineups the right way to go to create chances


I think we’ll be leading in the match and they’ll get a late goal to win the tie.

Saying that, if we do win, I can see us winning the whole competition.


Chelsea looking pretty good tonight tbf. Giroud is the top scorer in the competition now too. Depends a lot on the draw, I have a feeling we’ll get Chelsea in the QFs :grimacing:


If we get through I don’t give a rats who we get as we’d have gotten out of jail and I’ll just be greatful to still be in the tournament.

Us and Chelsea would be a 50-50 tie anyways, decent times seems to have both teams getting the better of each other at home.






C’mon Arsenal! Let’s show the moaners what we can do.


Gabriel just missed a golden chance for Valencia


He’s actually defended well though, been watching the game.


I’m hoping that the home fans would be up for it and cheer as loud as they can, don’t wanna here any french chants.


COME ON THE LADS!! :red_circle::white_circle:


Here we go… feeling surprisingly indifferent.



@Luca_from_Italy feeling good now. Not worried.


Feeling quite tense. It shouldn’t be such a big night, but here we are.

Time for the boys and Unai to show something, it’s well within our capabilities.


Good lineup, except the RB…


Still a lot of empty seats WTF


People have to get their crumpets and tea first… what are you? A savage?


Exactly, where are my manners ?