Arsenal vs Rennes (Europa League) Last 16 2nd leg


I actually don’t know yet. It’s one of those see what’s on when we get there dealies.


It sounds more like your significant other or mates just wanted to get you out of watching Arsenal :sweat_smile:. Maybe they know more than we do (in the sense that we go out of the competition tonight).


Seriously, gtfo!


Then don’t ask me how I feel, you cunt.


@Luca_from_Italy Vs @Bl1nk hotting up into one of the best OA feuds.

Up there with Luca Vs Calum and Luca Vs Me.

Any potential OAmania main event has to be Mav Vs Aussie though.


If we were offered extra time now would you take it?

  • Yeah
  • Nah
  • Fuck off I ain’t answering no poll

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I agree it would be bad to lose to Rennes tonight but keeping Fourth would help us move forward after being out of the GL for two seasons.
Lose to Rennes and out of top four would be the end of our season imo.


Only because I fear for their pace and our backline. Afraid that we will concede one goal. We still should be able with 4-1 in that case, but I’m afraid 4 goals in 90 minutes with be too much too ask.


Finally back at the Emirates tonight? :scream:


Hope we crush them, I don’t think going out is going to aid our chances in a 4th/3rd place finish has might been suggested, indeed our form usually goes in the toilet when we drop out of Europe, of course that caveat comes with the fact that we usually get trashed (Cough, Bayern), but as a whole it really doesn’t do much for us.

Besides I rather see if Emery can handle juggling a squad (as he has been doing this whole reason) because that will be important going forward beyond this season.


One of the better polls on here I reckon.


I asked you how you felt, not who was gonna score first.

Don’t fight me bro :kos2:


Image he brought us bad luck :arteta:




I know everyone is high on Arsenal right now, but just looking at the other ties they are all close affairs, Chelsea won 3 nil in the first leg. Our loss in the first leg is a horrendous result, Unai better redeem himself today. I for one am not very confident in our abilities to get results away from home, and the first leg is a perfect example of why we should be nervous about top 4.


Whetstone High Street is it?

Wenger knows :wenger2:


Animal farmers. Let’s do them.


Big dicking again, let’s fucking go


Same team as it was at the weekend except for Cech and Mustleavy, very interesting. It was kind of a dress rehearsal of sorts


It’s basically the same team who beat United bar Lolafi and Cech. Let’s do it.