Arsenal vs Rennes (Europa League) Last 16 2nd leg


Yet people still want to retain average players ffs.

Gut the sqaud…


Long ball arsenal


our players are shitting it atm. Too scared of holding possession


Drain the swamp!


Yeah we need subs


Mustafi the fucking clown turns away from the guy about to receive the ball to look at the ref. Rather than to try and stop him. I fucking hate that shit so much. Same dumb arse fucking thing he did with Aguero on that long ball when he got poked in the back. DEFEND or fuck off, you can cry to mama ref after the fucking game


Small point: This is where an actual leader on the pitch would really help out, we’re shitting ourselves like we’re the 10th place team ffs.


Mkhi and Iwobi on

Ozil and Laca off


Can we finally retire two striker formations at the club ffs. It’s totally dysfunctional


This is the time for the insurance bet


Ozil looks unhappy


Ozil is a bitch

That’s the body language of one of the 5 captains!? Fucking clown


Glad he’s unhappy to be coming off, a player should be.


Average performance from Ozil


Come off it man :laca:


Good choices of sub. both Ozil & laca have been ineffective




Ohh Iwobi


iwobi noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Gotta get it on target Iwobi…lacking quality.