Arsenal Vs Newcastle United (PL)

Lets get a run back. 3-0


  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Newcastle win

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6-0. Obvs.

new manager bounce…i have us to win but they might turn it on and we will lose 5-0. Willock to score a hattrick past Rambo :bellerin:

Will Howe be here for this? Or is he still isolating?

If he isn’t there then 6-0. If he is, then only 3-0. Feel like the new manager being on the touch line will make them less shit.

Straight back on the horse :grinning:

We’re going to lose.

4-0 to us

If our attacking play looks shit against Eddie Howe I might seriously phone it in this season, it will not get any easier than this.



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I hope so, but the last time we were all (collectively) positive going into a home game was against Palace.

We all know what happened next…

Four goals. Exactly.

nah ahhhhhhhhh homey ur smoked out af

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Palace are, imo on a completely different level to Newcastle. Newcastle can score but they defend horribly. Think Ramsdale will nullify the attack.

Either that or we’ll lose 1-0 and I’ll look a twat

People writing off Newcastle a little too easily here.

I think it’ll be a tough game

If Eddie Howe Mr. I concede 60+ league goals every season gets the better of us. I give up.


The last time we were 4-0 up against Newcastle they came back to get a draw.
So perhaps we’d better get five just to make sure. :grinning:


Go back and look at my prediction record.

just tongue in cheek humour not to be taken seriously

got mentally scarred that day, every time I am reminded of that game I have to counter the memories with the Bergkamp game with the wonder goal from 2002 or w/e it was to stay sane :sweat_smile:

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