Arsenal Vs Newcastle United (PL)


Another shit performance. Cant create chances and not clean at the back. Same old same old.


We’ve got Liverpool next :grinning:


I can describe this win in one word: meh.

God damn awful finishing once again and fucking Xhaka in the middle causing problems again.


Every game we play at the moment just feels like chaos, in both attack and especially defence. Poor again apart from a couple individuals.


I still can’t fathom how Wenger doesn’t understand that when you have a narrow 1-0 lead and the other side will have to open up, they are there for the taking on the counter and he brings on Giroud. Substitutions are pre-planned and are never made with the actual game in front of him in consideration.

And what the fuck is with putting Welbeck on the wing? Would make more sense to have Theo fucking Walcott in the squad and put him there for fuck sakes…


He is clueless tactically these days. All he is doing is keeping Giroud happy. 4 nil up or 4 nil down, his lovechild comes on. Fucking stupid.


What happens when Wenger realises Lacazette is still on the pitch after 70 minutes


His substitutions are bizarre.
You’re right, it’s as if he has an alarm going off on his watch at the same time every match, and the substitutes he nominated before the match, despite the score, start warming up.

Does he have a game plan?
Does he change tactics during a game to accommodate different circumstances?
Does he have any plan regarding substitutes?

It’s just like his transfer strategy, which is just see what happens, and go with the cheapest option.

More opposition managers are finding him out, and he has become so predictable.
Even his interviews are all the same.
He uses the well worn cliches and platitudes he has remembered like, “mental strength,” “we lacked quality,” “we showed determination,” “we tried,” etc.


Arsenal deserved to take the three point but the second half has been horrible to watch. These players aren’t capable to slow down the rhythm and control the ball without risking to concede chances.

Mesut Özil :gem:.

The 4-1-4-1 is the right way to follow, but some players like Xhaka, Hector & Iwobi need to use the brain in key moments. AMN played another good game but I would prefer to see a proper LB on the left and not him. Sànchez worked hard but lost the :soccer:️ many times as usual.

Anyway, what we have seen recently isn’t the best XI because Kolasinac, Mustafi & Ramsey can add :muscle:t3: and pace, as well as Walcott and Chambers. I hope AW will understand that and will not waste the chance to make this team better with one or two new signings next Jan.


We already tried 4-1-4-1 and everybody hated it. How many formations and tactics are we going to circle around before we just ditch the old man and move on with the times?


Notice how our “mental strength” changes constantly and is only in relation to the result. If we get a scrappy 1-0 we always have “great mental strength” and we “lacked a little bit mental strength” if we lose a week later. By Wengers estimation I guess the players decide when they wake up each morning of every match whether theyre going to have mental strength today or not.


@SRCJJ i expect a similar response by you to all the ppl on this thread and countless others that have been “so incredibly boring. There’s absolutely nothing entertaining or humorous about these posts. I’ve tried to ignore this bullshit for a little bit now but it’s so tiresome” in your words. Or does this constant inane drivel count as constructive football discussion in your eyes?


He’s here till death and then they’ll role out some kind of Tupac style hologram to take the piss, I’m convinced.


At least we got the win, but this will be the sort of game we won’t edge next season when our best players have headed for greener pastures.


A wins a Win, but we really do look like we’re heading downwards rather then upwards. Dreading what Liverpool’s and Chelsea attack will do to us if we play like we have done over the last three games. Even the away games over Christmas to WBA and Crystal Palace are worrying me. I wouldn’t be surprised if we lost 3 out of the 4 or didn’t win any of them.

Ozil, Wilshire and Niles were the best players on the park. Alexis doesn’t look bothered anymore, let’s see what he does against Liverpool and if he put in another tepid performance then drop him and move him out In January. Bellerin and Xhaka shouldn’t be anywhere near our first 11, Iwobi the same. Newcastle are a poor side, but in that second half they caused us a lot of problems and could have nicked a draw. The sad thing is we no longer can play good football and if we lose Ozil and Alexis (he’s already gone), and I can’t see big names coming in under this management right now. It be a bad move for their careers, I wonder if Laca is regretting moving here now. Sad times.


Watching MoTD and we were shit again. Really disalusuioned when watching us now just no fun at watching our dinasour manager and his shit tactics ruining us every single game

Boring boring Arsenal


I agree and this is how we’ve played for almost 5 years now. It was just masked with more goals up to now. We are still The Arsenal in patches but more often than not we’re just a fucking shambles of a team with zero game plan.


Really boring watching Arsenal these days, we need excitement and more risks attacking, I wouldn’t mind 3-2 or 4-3 wins at all


At least “boring boring Arsenal” were winning things.