Arsenal Vs Newcastle United (PL)


Oh Calum is Funny’s cousin… not funny


Basically this. If we won i wouldn’t certainly celebrate it :neutral_face:


Wenger hasn’t the ball to drop that fucking sneaky chilean fucker.


9-0 Arsenal.


Dont care. Factor everything into the League cup tie. Play the kids against Newcastle and the big kids Theo and Jack. 1 0 Giroud.


Hope Lacazette is back in the starting line up

If he isnt and Giroud starts lets hope we play with some width and get some crosses in to him unlike Wednesday when we still tried to go through the middle

I’d drop Sanchez as well. Fed of his attitude and giving the ball away every time we seem to go forward. He couldnt look more fed up if he tried. You look at him and how he is reacting becasue he wants out and then see Mahrez still putting in a shift for Leicester, its embarrassing

Would also like to see Jack get another start and lets be bold and stick AMN as the holding player instead of a woeful Xhaka


John Cena thinks its gonna be 0-1 Newcastle just to piss off his brother in law lol

These are two teams I am mildly familiar with because [his partner] Nicole’s brother JJ is a huge Arsenal fan. So, I am going to have to pick Newcastle here, just to get him all riled up. 0-1


I agree that Lacazette and Wilshere should both start.
Wilshere is one of the few players in our team that has the desire that Wenger is so keen on, but we rarely see.
I’m not sure about Maitland Niles but it would be some statement by Wenger if he dropped Sanchez.

I don’t think he will because if he is off in the transfer window, Wenger will want to get the most out of him while he is here. But if he if he drops him, it’s virtually saying he was wrong to keep him, and we all know that Wenger is never going to say he was wrong.

What ever team he picks, this should be a fairly comfortable win against a side in poor form in recent games.


Can Jack sustain three games in a week? May AW preserve Wilshere or have the best for the team as 1th priority?

Anyway, I’m thinking about the 2013. We have seen the best football in 2013. That Arsenal, on the pitch with a 4-1-4-1 similar to the tactic proposed few days ago at Olympic Stadium against West Ham, was a joy to watch. That team was the maximum expression of the Wengerball concept.

Arteta was the :orange_heart: and the :brain: of that team [what Xhaka should be now]. That team played with intelligence, intensity, quality. Ramsey & Wilshere were the BTBs able to keep the possession, help Mikel and explore the spaces, Mesut & Santi the creators, OG12 the finisher. Arsenal lost the league because of lack of mentality, a good GK and a reserve/starter ahead of Giroud. Arsène failed to not upgrade and improve that team.

During the conference pre Newcastle Wenger said the team need more pace with more penetrating runs, exactly like we played that year. Watch the goal scored by Aaron Ramsey at Cardiff: quick ball possession, Giroud opened the space and the welshman󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ran in and scored.

That system can be the best even for the current team. I hope AW will seriously consider to improve the team next January, buying three important players: a commanding CB (de Vrij should be the #1 target), a top midfielder as Goretzka and Thomas Lemar.

Ok, I’m dreaming…


should beat them comfortably but it’s arsenal so it will be a late boring 1-0 to us


The last time we played Newcastle:

SAT 02 JAN 2016

Koscielny (72’ minutes)


Yeah we got very lucky in that game, Toon wasted a couple of really good chances before we got that goal.


We’ll destroy them.


I’m more interested to see if Wenger can arrest his 3 game losing streak vs Klopp this time next week.


Feels like we’ve only just played Liverpool. That 4-0 is still so fresh.

It can’t be any worse than that!


Klopp can beat us again and they’ll still finish below us in the table, watch.


Can see it going this way again.


Recommend you read this

Good article. Flamini ruining his arsenal career though… Gutted for him.

Interesting they thought Hayden was gonna be the breakthrough first teamer not Bellerin.


Newcastle 2 nil .
Wenger can blame the sumo wrestling infrastructure of having to wrestle Wednesday then again on Saturday.
Go on Arsene, cock it up , really piss on my wind down to Christmas .


A win. Thanks :hipster: