Arsenal Vs Manchester City (PL)

Kicking off 2022 with a win? :eyes:

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Manchester City win

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We won’t lose. There’s enough fight in this side and quality to unsettle that defence of there’s 2 2.

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No fucking about from Cal. Not even waiting for the Wolves game to be officially canned!

Edit: I’m up to speed. Never mind.

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Pretty gutted the Wolves game was called off, even with lack of rest I fancied our chances to carry on winning

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This rest was much needed. Looking forward to seeing how we do against City.
I know some will be pleased with a draw here but it would be a massive confidence boost for us to beat them in the league after so long.

If we are going to beat them then now is the best time, hopefully we start the new year with a great performance against them

We’re due a humbling.



Or, it’s time for Albert Stuivenberg!!!

The real brains behind the operation. Come on Stuivenberg!!!


He looks very dapper

Big Daddy Stuivenberg

Is this guy the assistant manager?

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This is like that time city let Arteta manage a game against us. The ultimate mind fuck from Mikel to Pep!


No, he’s the ball boy, we just thought we’d put him in charge for a game

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Honestly I don’t think it’s too big of deal now I’ve had time to think. These players are professional athletes, they shouldn’t need to be hand held at every turn. Once they’re out on that pitch wearing the colours a lot of the onus and responsibility should be on them, people sometimes overstate the manager’s importance minute to minute.

Partey might even score a long ranger without Mikel yelling at him to knock satellites out of orbit


“How can you not see this Lorena? It’s pure mathematics!”


Last season Mikel got COVID we won the FA Cup.

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