Arsenal Vs Manchester City (PL)

Thursday 01 March 2018
Emirates Stadium
KO: 19:45
Live on Sky Sports Premier League

Here we go again :upside_down_face:

  • Manchester City win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Who cares. Hope the Emirates is empty.

City 2-0

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I’m supposed to be going to this. I usually like mid-week games because my train goes right past the stadium on my way home from work, so it’s easy.

I think this time, i’ll just stick my head in a book as the train goes past and pretend it’s not happening.


Will be even longer goal kicks with Ederson back in goal then. And Aguero have learnt that he doesn’t have to perform a red-card-tackle on Mustafi. A tickle is enough.

We’ll probably actually win this now lol, I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if we put in a massive effort for this.


Why ? Because the game is meaningless ? Lol


Ha, if we can’t put in a massive effort in a cup final then how will we do so after losing said final in such abysmal fashion?

I expect a similar mauling.

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We might do something if city are still fucking drunk or something.


That would be comforting if I didn’t think a drunk and red eyed City would still beat our bottlers.

You got it mate :wink:



think we will draw.

Too shit to win. But we usually have a less shit result following shit results if you know what I mean


Wenger has probably asked Pep to share a draw and i think Pep has agreed.

Could see us grinding out a 1-0 loss. The team quit today big style.

At least we only have three more months of this. Hopefully Arsene announces he’s leaving in May and we can move on.

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We have come to a point where we would be happy to grind out a narrow loss. Thanks Arséne! :santi:

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Well Osterlund and then today might challenge that theory. . .


I’ll tell you what’s going to happen here.

Inexplicably we’ll play much better, a much more even game, probably end up 2-2 or so. Score draw. Some dick will come out after (Bellerin? Ramsey this time?) and tell us how “we owed the fans a performance”, something about bouncing back, putting it right. You know the deal. Fuck off. :rage:

Utterly meaningless game with neither side requiring the points as they career towards 6th and 1st place. Call the game off and let’s have a rematch with Östersund instead


Call the game off and let’s have a piss up.