Arsenal Vs Manchester City (FA Cup Semi Final)

Saturday 18th July
Wembley Stadium
KO: 19:45

Sequels are usually worse than the original. Let’s hope this doesn’t come true on Saturday night.

I will be hopeful and say 2-1. COYG

  • Arsenal win in 90 minutes
  • Arsenal win in Extra Time
  • Arsenal win on penalties
  • Manchester City win in 90 minutes
  • Manchester City win in Extra Time
  • Manchester City win on penalties

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After the Pool result, I want to believe, but I can’t see lightning striking twice… best we can hope for imho is stay tight, maybe pounce on an error like today, then wear them down into ET and pens or something more random… they are so superior to us though, it isn’t funny… need lots of off days from them.

I think City will win this one. They are a much better club than us, and they play great football. They are building something really special with this excellent period they have been having over recent times.

Pep is a great manager and he has proven that in the Premier League with City, just as he did at Barcelona and Bayern.


Saturday night?! Ffs I have a date to talk myself out of.

This is when we’ll see the apprentice outdo his master.

3-1. Aubameyang, Bellerin, Xhaka and a late Cedric own goal.


Book a nice bar where you can enjoy a couple romantic beverages… and oh, it happens to have a screen that shows the game! :giroud3:


It depends on how seriously Guardiola is taking this competition or if he might rest a few players with the CL coming up.

This could be a lot closer than when they thrashed us a few games ago in the PL and we might even win this game.

Sadly I can’t see us riding our luck and beating the two best sides in Europe in consecutive games.

Arsenal 0-2 Man City

Theres less pressure without the crowd and less nerves. Its not an occasion now. That might help the younger players.
You need a full 90 from Auba. Not drifting in and out from the wing. They are still bad at the back.
Biggest ask is whether the last two matches have taken too much out of the team. Mistakes at a minimum and you always have a cup chance.


Think he might have rested a few vs Bournemouth last night for this particular match.

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City as a matchup has been absolutely terrible for us.

They ruin us every chance they get. I’m not confident

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Better team? Yes. Their shady, shell of a club better than ours? We can be stupid/frustrating, but nope.

Agree with the rest. They rested De Bruyne and he especially always seems to make a difference against us.

We held them off quite well in our first match after the restart before we were down to 10,but I have wondered how much of this was down to them being rusty post-lock down.

I think the only we may do this is the blueprint of the Liverpool match - defend deep, be razor sharp with any small chance we get, and for the attackers to have an off day.

It would be mind blowing to beat Liverpool and Man City in a matter of days - but we last beat them in the cup, so a bit more cup magic would do nicely.

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We’ll beat them

(But lose the final :pensive:)

Listened to a match on the radio last night. Surprisingly enjoyed it as it takes that barren visual away.
Might be a temporary measure for generating a bit of interest for me so will do overtime Saturday and follow the semi final this way.
Hard to believe in the sport properly for me right now but hope we beat these corrupt fuckers anyway.


Let’s be honest, they’re gonna batter us here

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I’ve always found radio commentary to be much better than the TV. I’m not sure who the main commentator on the BBC is, think he was doing the Everon / Villa game yesterday, but he is definitely the best out there.

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Guy Mowbray. Yeah I like him. It’s why I didn’t get the ITV thing with Matterface. So bland.

One of my most fond memories of the sport was always getting up to listen to Saturday and Sunday sportsworld on the BBC as a kid, I never had pay TV as a kid so it was my way of following games.


3-2 to The Arsenal

The thing is, trying to watch a match when you’re with someone who doesn’t like football can sometimes be worse than not watching the match at all.

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