Arsenal vs Man Utd (PL) 3-1

Oh fuck off guys, really? Not to United

That’s a very poor goal to concede. White was too relaxed there.

undeserved and our United voodoo continues

So undeserved

Top 4 challenge it is

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Havertz made that bad pass didnt he? :grimacing::grimacing:

Not gonna lie. Eriksen pass was perfect and from that moment I knew this will be a goal.

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So typical.

Always the same.


This United team is fucking dogshit and yet here we are 1-0 down. Atrocious

Statue for captain Ode!!!

LOL half this thread is behind it seems :joy:

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Classic Rashford on the counter. I knew it. As soon as Eriksen made that pass. ffs

Game on!

Beautiful Ode, lets pump these clogger ball fucka

Title challenge it is

Odegaard the GOAT