Arsenal vs Liverpool (Premier League)


Arsenal vs Liverpool
Sunday 14 August, 16:00
Emirates Stadium
Barclays Premier League

Well well… The new season is upon us! This is the first matchday thread on the new site, would be nice if we’d win the match! It’s gonna be a tough one against a good Liverpool side.

Will we have new signings by Sunday? A defender to strengthen our thin defence, or a striker to bolster our attack?! Who knows.

Thoughts? Formation predictions? Who’ll win?!

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Liverpool win

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Its always hard to predict whats going to happen on the opening day, but I think this time severe inexperience at the back may just prove decisive… Liverpool to edge 3-2.


We do well against Liverpool at home and Klopp teams generally. Don’t think it’ll be comfortable but reckon we’ll win 2-1


Hopefully Klopp’s mindless pressing game will knacker them up by half time.

Lets just hope we aren’t losing by then. Can see us winning this in the second half.


I simply have no idea , because I have no idea what will be the starting line up ,who will be in defence and who will be in what now is even more crucial position the holding midfielder !
I hope it will be Coquelin but who knows .
Im up for starting with Chambers and Holding if it has to be but we then should play a gagey game !
With Liverpool pressing a ball over the top to a sprinting Theo might just work for us !


It can go either way. Hopefully a hard-fought win for us, but you can’t be optmistic with so many players out at the back.


Hmmm. Sobering, depressing reality or belligerent delusion?

Warchest half full or half empty?

Fuck it, going for the win.


Long shot, but anyone got spares going for this?


Have to say Liverpool unless we select a very pacey, direct sort of the midfield and front line. Our defence is completely unprepared for this. It’s so fucking poor that the club haven’t reinforced for this situation once again.

Xhaka, Elneny, Ramsey/Cazorla

Iwobi, Walcott, Alexis


Liverpool to win 3-1 for me.

With that back 4 and lack of a top class finisher. Plus that right wing still worries me, Ox only ever shows up in friendlies maybe Iwobi can step up. Liverpool look a stronger team this season, they will hit us on the break with us missing chance after chance. At best we get a draw but don’t see this team winning it. Going to be the same old same old.

Waiting to see how the crowd will react after we go 1-0 down, Wenger really is setting himself for a major fall.


Predicting a score draw for this one. 2-2. Looking forward to watching Xhaka make his debut :slight_smile:


Always the optimist going for a win !? If we can produce the same performance we did against Citeh we might stand a chance !!


Ecactly. It’s a very unpredictable game, as both teams are unpredictable.


The Ox----------:theo:----------:sanchez:


Would like to see:


But I’m afraid that Wenger will try to get Ox and/or Ramsey into that lineup. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Santi paired deep with Xhaka and Ramsey as the 10, nor would I be surprised to see Ox at RW, Sanchez left, and Iwobi on the bench. :facepalm:


I cant beleive everyones not having Coquelin in this side , he has to be there , he has been our saviour for so many games its unreal,are we saying he is now a squad man ??? He struggled last season after his injury but he looks fit ! He has to start !


Cazorla has to play, then we can field 10 players.


He’s basic as hell and now we actually have a few versatile options available. Makes sense.


The Emirates has hardly been a happy hunting ground for Pool. And there’s some dodginess in their back line, Lovren for one, Moreno for another, and Kavlar is a newbie though he looked decent enough in the recent friendlies.

Klopp’ll have them going like greyhounds at us from the get-go, so there’ll be holes at the back and if we can hold them off for the first ten minutes and can get our speedsters in there, we can pick them off.

Hey, I believe.


I see a depressing draw here. Ahead 2-1 at half only to concede in the 88th minute and barely escape in injury time still sitting on a sub.