Arsenal Vs Liverpool (PL)

Wednesday 15 July
Premier League Match 36
The Emirates Stadium
KO: 20:15

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Liverpool win

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What’s the point.


a point would be really nice :pepe1:


Don’t care anymore. All about the FA Cup now

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I’m busy on Wednesday the 15th of July at 20:15.


Bet you won’t be as busy as our defence?

If you can call them that…

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That’s at the same time as the second leg of the semi final in the World Paint Drying Championship.
It’s difficult for any Arsenal supporter to choose what to watch between those two top events.


I mean we can still totally finish ahead of spurs, which is is a definite possibility most shitty ass teams can beat them besides us. So we still need to put in a performance here. Waiting for Arteta to make a move and get our best team out there so I can continue to have some hope in him eventually coming good.

I suppose the motivation here is to prevent Liverpool from breaking the all time points record. I’m predicting a competitive first half but Liverpool to slowly gain control as it progresses.

Arsenal 1-2 Liverpool

Dream lineup:


The Arteta conservative zero creativity approach:


Lolpool have been struggling, so they’ll beat us 4 - 1.

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Yeah, I’d be content with a draw. We have a half decent record against Liverpool at home (they’ve only beaten us twice in 20 years) and I kinda want to preserve that.

We’re massively overdue a win against them, but it might just be better getting that win when it means something for us.

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It’s not our points record though, so I can’t see the players getting motivated for this reason. The motivation should come from not wanting to be humiliated (again).

Should probably start drinking soon if I want to get through this one :laughing:

This has pasting written all over it and hammering home just how shit we are.


He gets a hammering here and Arteta will be under pressure rightly or wrongly. @DavidHillier pointed this out after the mini run of wins. It can change very quick a few low club wins will get forgotten over two high profile losses and the club looking like its going nowhere.
Might give one the full motd treatment or a 8 to 10 minute youtube watch.


As long as we lose respectably no more the 2 difference

Looking forward to this to see if David Hillier goes full Luca and gets a ban after a 0-4 loss :joy:

You’d enjoy that, seeing as you celebrate Liverpool goals against Arsenal

Didn’t you celebrate a Son goal this weekend? :yawning_face:


I can’t stand it when I’m at an AFL game and Hawthorn has a goal kicked against us and one of my good mates is always like “ at least he’s in my fantasy team “



We’re allowed