Arsenal vs Lincoln City (FA Cup Quarter Final)


Hard one to call.

Saturday 11th March
BT Sport 2
17:30 Kick off

  • Arsenal Win
  • Unlikely Draw

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A tight win. Can’t see more than it.


Nothing but a 10-2 will do…
No rest for anyone… They all play all 25 of them, then maybe we might win…


Pundits will get at us and praise plucky lil’ Lincoln whatever we do here, short of scoring in the first minute and going on to win each half 2 or 3 nil.

Just get through it and move on, it’s the league games ahead that worry me now

Well, and Tottenham humbling us at Wembley but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it


Fortunately for us, Lee Angol – who scored a hat-trick for Lincoln mid-week on his debut – is cup-tied for this one. Phew.


The chubby lad upfront is still a danger tho. His belly will probably swallow our defence at a corner and he’ll be left free to bullet a header past the despairing dive of Petr Cech. Cue pandemonium.


Hopefully Charlie Charlie Charles will get a game… We are fucked without him
… Legend…Mr Cholmondeley-Warner


they were so far ahead of their time… Arsene uses their tactics today…


That is brilliant… you can’t even find the ball in the scrum… You could probably walk the ball into the opponent’s net that way! Arsene’ - here is your next trick!


Can you imagine it being 0-0 at half time? The atmosphere would be shocking

If the team that showed up first half against Bayern make an appearance then this will be 4-0 at half time


Shame that the only potentially interesting thing about this game–would-be starts for Jeff, Maitland-Niles, and ideally Willock–is lost in the crisis atmosphere at the club at the moment. Surprised if they’ll even be on the bench.


Well we only beat a non-league team 2-0 so my hopes aren’t high.


Going to this one too - going to be beyond bleak. Watching the rugby from 4 in the pub so hopefully will be sufficiently lubed come kickoff time.



Tis a cup game after all


Seems there maybe a sickness bug going through the club… Welbeck(at least it isnt his legs,feet,shoulder), Iwobi and Ozil… So expect none to be playing in cup…

on the latest team news…
I believe that we have two uncertainties: Welbeck, who had to come off after the warm-up against Bayern due to sickness, and Iwobi, who on the day of the game couldn’t turn up as well due to the same problem. Everyone else should be available.
on Mesut Ozil…
I haven’t decided yet, he still felt not too well after the game. I will see in training how he feels and I haven’t decided on the team that will start the game on Saturday.



What have you seen from niles and Jeff which makes them interesting? I don’t get hyped for either of them in the slightest.


I get the feeling Lincoln will come here thinking they can actually win if they play half decent (as in, having maybe a circa 25% chance as opposed to <5%), which should play nicely into our hands really


Would be interesting to see what happens if Lincoln score first


Well, Jeff the obvious, he’s clearly very talented and technically fantastic, but I totally understand not being excited by him, he seems to process the game incredibly slowly, I pretty much wrote him off last spring when I watched him against Anderlecht but the move to CM and the inevitable Diaby comparisons mean I’ll hold out hope for him, sometimes also with these graceful, lanky Pogba/Diaby types they actually look like they are moving/processing the game slower than they actually are, because of their very nature, so I rather optimistically, I admit, hold out hope for him.

Maitland-Niles because he seems to be the one most on the fast-track for Arsène, and although I’ve never really seen anything that sticks out to me from him, there doesn’t seem to be much reason why he can’t be a good defensive midfielder, he’s got more quality on the ball than Coquelin or Elneny, certainly offers himself more than the former, and seems to have the necessary athleticism and positional sense for the role. Wouldn’t say he excites me so much as I’d say he’s the one from the current class most likely to make it as a squad player.

Willock is the one who definitely excites me the most of the three, his close control and dribbling is immense, and he seems to have a pretty good brain too. But he may have too much of a passive personality/Arsène always holds back the skinny/under-developed types like him (which is nonsense, IMO, but I digress). Also maybe the contract issue in there but that’s pure speculation.


For sure. From their point of view, they probably couldn’t have picked a better weekend to play us, they’ll be thinking our confidence is shot. They’d be wrong though, these big defeats are like water off a duck’s back for us now :grin: