Arsenal Vs Leeds United (Premier League) 4-1

Looks like dropped points for Arsenal. Crucial week for Arsenal and so far it’s going from bad to worse for arsenal

Chance for Leeds

Very poor n flat

Another big chance for Leeds

Saka is missing here. Look unbalanced without him for me.

Penalty! Arsenal!

Jesus is back

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Thank fuck cos this shite team were causing us problems

We should be 2/3 nil down. Wake the fuck up

Sub Saka on for pen!

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Clear pen

Jesus to take it?

Cheers Ayling

Looked like a dive in live lol

Ayling on Gabby tho no surprise :joy::joy:

Ayling hit Jesus on the knee

He basically poked his knee with his studs ffs

That’s never a pen :joy::joy::joy:

Jesus already diving but we’ll take it

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Gave away a pen against us last season didn’t he?

That is really soft tbh.

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Oh shit Jesus to take it

Don’t understand why the commentators say that could have gone either way. :man_shrugging:t3: