Arsenal Vs FC Basel (CL)

Arsenal Vs FC Basel
UEFA Champions League Matchday 2
Wednesday 28th September 2016
Emirates Stadium
Kick-off: 19:45

Buzzing for this game now! Gonna go 4-0 Arsenal.


  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Basel win

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Going to say 2-0 to The Arsenal as we have our tails up at the moment.

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We need to start a relatively strongest 11 and make sure we get the 3 points. Can’t afford to turn off like we did against Olympiacos.

Elneny will play ofcourse, So i assume we will rest one of Cazorla/Ozil.

Poll added :thumbsup:

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Want a full team out for this, no messing about. Expect Ospina in goal though. Wouldn’t be surprised if he played Giroud and dropped Iwobi either. Expect Xhaka to be starting. Also hoping for another 3-0 win in this, Basel usually are one of those teams that play well in the CL. But I expect us to win this.

I hope Wenger picks Xhaka to play against his old team.

Play the best team, as then we have 4 days to recover.

I think Lucas will get some game time as he didn’t feature during the Chelsea game at all. CF or not, some more minutes would be nice with the squad confidence high at the moment. I wouldn’t want to disrupt the back four much, the midfield can be tweaked a little with Elneny possibly coming in.

You can only see one outcome in this fixture after such a good result yesterday and I’m going for 3-1 us.

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I wouldn’t underestimate Basel particularly.

Yes they’ve won 9 out of 9 in their league (could almost be talking matches or championships there :p) but it’s more about when a team is used to that winning feeling every week, it can be hard to get them BEAT.

I just watched some UEFA highlights of their match against LudoRaz, they did dominate the match but got suckered on the break big time by one of the away side’s Brazilian contingent.

Xhaka on Xhaka is going to be the storyline here.

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This has just snuck onto Ticket Ex about a day before the match lolz, can’t help but feel that’s a dumb decision.

About a billion season tickets just gone up for grabs. I’m going to try and do the 6 group games this season so worked out for me anyhow.

Can see us playing in this formation.

Possibly Lucas instead of Alexis or Chamberlain. Xhaka has to start alongside Elneny, to give Cazorla a breather. Keep the backline intact apart from Gibbs coming in for Monreal. Ospina starts again, obviously.

We should win this. Have a good go at them straight from the kick-off. Don’t allow them to get comfortable.


Forgot he has a brother playing for Basel.

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I wouldn’t mind that. Except Lucas in for Chamberlain as you said. Chamberlain really is a waste of space

He is set to play again.

Agreed I’m fine with the other 10 but just please no Oxlade Chamberlain.

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3:0 to the Arsenal. Basel are not as good as they used to be in the last few years (especially against English teams).

9 wins from 9 in the Swiss League, +22 GD how good did they used to be ? Lol

Éder Álvarez Balanta plays for Basel, if you know you know :sunglasses:

Hope to see Elneny give Cazorla a rest, other than that I wouldn’t change anything else, need to win this game.


Yep, it’d be wise to give Cazorla a break I think.

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