Arsenal Vs Everton (PL)


Arsenal Vs Everton
Sunday 23 September 2018
Premier League matchweek 6
The Emirates Stadium
KO: 16:00

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Everton win

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Expect a goalfest here. Everton are a team who don’t like to defend.


Normally Arsenal tend to deliver when it’s matches either on my birthday or close to it, so I very much hope this pattern continues! 2-1 to the Arsenal.




More likely another 4-2 :smile:


What was it last season as we were pretty shit the majority haha


Last season would’ve been us at home against West Brom, the day after my birthday, when we won that 2-0. In 2016, we played at home against Chelsea on my birthday and we won 3-0 :smiley: I’m half tempted now to look when we last had a bad result ha.


Do it quite interested to find out haha


6-1. Just being realistic with my predictions now.


For you @Calum. League game results closest or on my birthday since we moved to the Emirates.

25th Sept 2017 Arsenal 2-0 West Brom
24th Sept 2016 Arsenal 3-0 Chelsea
26th Sept 2015 Leicester 2-5 Arsenal
27th Sept 2014 Arsenal 1-1 Tottenham
22nd Sept 2013 Arsenal 3-1 Stoke
23rd Sept 2012 Man City 1-1 Arsenal
24th Sept 2011 Arsenal 3-0 Bolton
24th Sept 2010 Arsenal 2-3 West Brom
26th Sept 2009 Fulham 0-1 Arsenal
27th Sept 2008 Arsenal 1-2 Hull City
22nd Sept 2007 Arsenal 5-0 Derby County
23rd Sept 2006 Arsenal 3-0 Sheffield United

So it seems like 2010 was the last time we lost around my birthday in the League, and in all honesty I can’t recall how we even fucked up that match, says we were 3-0 down at one stage :joy: I remember the Hull one though. Bloomin Phil Brown.

Overall - 12 games, 8 wins, 2 draws and 2 defeats. Pretty decent I’d say :slight_smile:


I’m going to say 3-2 Arsenal, think it will a fair few goals with both sides making plenty of mistakes at the back.


NLD in 2014 :gabriel: that could have ended nasty.


Indeed! It was rather fun going through that and being reminded of results back then.

Would be kinda fun idea/thread to see what other people’s ‘birthday stats’ are in comparsion. I’d imagine having one towards the end of the season in recent times it probably a lot more sketchy :poldi:


Except for those of us with Birthdays in the off season. :grinning:


What about those totally meaningful pre season friendlies though dear Shammy? :henry2:
I actually decided to keep on looking into the Highbury years and prior to the Hull defeat in 2008, the last defeat was Sheff Wed in 1998! And even before that, 1988 :laughing: Only 4 defeats over 30 years is pretty damn good going. Although I see another pattern. Defeat in 1988, defeat in 1998, defeat in 2008…2018? Maybe we can break the 8 curse :kos2:

Who needs Opta Joe eh for pointless trivia.


We have lost every game close to @Mysty’s birthday in a year ending in 8.

OA this is our chance to make some :moneybag::moneybag:


We better fckn win as it is my birthday :wink: that day !!


With a better team, it should be 8-1 at least :smile:




@Mysty, do you really bring bad luck? :gabriel: