Arsenal Vs Dundalk (UEL)

When has that ever mattered? :sob:

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We don’t exert ourselves much anyway.

What should happen is rest all the first team players and the first team manager as well.
I bet we play a lot better than we have been.

Genuine think I won’t even tune in to this. I only see a downside.

I’m just wondering if we will ever score a goal again


United and Chelsea win 5-0 and 4-0 in the Champions League.

Watch us struggle to a 1-1 draw against a respectful low block.

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Apparently the left back for them is a weak link, so Auba playing right wing should have a field d… Oh hang on!!!

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Who needs Champions League when we have the honour to face the mighty DUNDALK.



As the game is on at the later time of 8:00pm, I don’t have a sufficient excuse to miss watching our game live :sob:

But seriously, I’m behind the manager and team to start showing a little more flexibility going forward, we can afford to be more risky. We won our 1st group game and are at home against Dundalk, a team who probably can’t believe they’re playing at the Emirates and will try and show what they can do.

One of their players who is an Arsenal fan is looking forward to it (note: strong Irish accent, I can understand Scottish but this was alright, a bit different)


The giants of England meet the titans of Ireland in a match in a match that will make them seem almost normal size. :grinning:


5 0 Eddie hat trick.

Don’t think this be as easy as some think it be. With the way we’re performing we’re just the type of team to give shock wins to visiting sides lol. But It be nice to see some young blood some in tonight and perform and put in a stellar performance.

I’m going 2-0, 70 minutes of boring sideways and backwards football with Arteta having to throw on the big guns to get the goals. I hope it’s a 5-0 or 7-0 win but it’s all about getting the three points, the performances don’t really matter cause if we win you get the “it’s only so and so” and if we lose we get slagged off, so we can’t win either way. So 3 points is all is needed.

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1-0. Boring win where we get a lucky goal.

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I’d put this somewhere close to the top of a list of Arsenal games you couldn’t pay me to watch.


But your still gonna watch it tho :wink:

I don’t think I’ve watched an EL group stage over the last 2 seasons for sure haha. And I’m definitely not going to start with this one.

Haha fair enough mate yeah the group stage is a drag :joy:

I’ll watch this begrudgingly just because I enjoy having a heightened blood pressure

I just apply my rule: if Lacazette starts, or if Aubameyang is on the wing, then I won’t watch.


It’s Arsenal playing an Irish team for the first time ever in a competitive match. As little as I care about EL group stage no way I’m missing it.