Arsenal Vs Doncaster Rovers (Carabao Cup 3rd Round)


Meh if Wilshere and Giroud hadn’t hit the woodwork and Walcott had finished his one on one like any of other our players would have we would have finished 4-0 and no-one would be saying anything.

They never threatened and we obviously weren’t that worried about the game.


Ah, didn’t see the Wilshere hitting the bar or the Walcott missed chance. Anyone have highlights?



Amazing. Our lowest is still nearly twice what Spurs managed. Glass half full and all that.


Next up: Norwich.


We almost made a mockery of it by giving Doncaster almost three clean cut chances in the end. If Marquis would have had any speed whatsoever that is. And how many 3vs3 chances did we have that got wasted by the likes of the most uninspiring efforts up front? We should have put this game to rest with a 3-0 lead after the first half. But we can’t even finish of a team like Doncaster.


For once I agree with Jose. Axe this such a waste of time.


What about having it as a tournament for those not in Europe?


He didn’t say that to the media after he won the final last season.
He is such a joke.


Or let teams buy their way out of it. Million quid a pop and put it all into the prize fund or whatever fund it is that’s supposed to trickle money down the leagues. Oh and keep the European place it brings.


No shit sherlock. People have been saying this the whole summer. Wasn’t you the one saying we’re only looking for new toys though when people called for additions to the squad? Or I must have confused you with someone else.


didn’t even realise this was on #shitfan


You’ve got the manager here of the club that won it last year saying we could do without it. That should really tell you how much this thing is valued.

For clubs the money is pathetic. For fans the bragging rights are just about zero unless you’re Tottenham winning it several years into an Arsenal drought. For players the prestige isn’t there except for the joy of a Wembley final which is always a great thing.

But once you have a competition the competitors aren’t fussed about winning it really stops being a competition.


For those counting the Charity Shield as a trophy, the League Cup (or whatever) must be a true major trophy!


Fine if its about fixture congestion but lets not be fucking off round the world playing lucrative friendly matches instead.


The idea of opting out if you’re in European competition is a good one.

But once again I’m seeing a spoiled big club fan mentality hah. You want the League Cup scrapped because it’s your 4th of 4 priorities :smile: What about to clubs for whom it’s the 3rd of 3


or its that hes a winner and holds that few and competes for everything.


Just seen the highlights, we had literally the Giroud chance and the Walcott chance aside from the goal, at home against Doncaster Rovers.

It was most definitely a shower of shite, and a ridiculous lineup and formation selection by Wenger.


Typical Mou.


We mustn’t forget the Charity Shield! 5th?