Arsenal Vs Doncaster Rovers (Carabao Cup 3rd Round)


Fair mix of yoof and senior players needing minutes.

A little weighted too much towards the latter tho for me, I wouldn’t play Sanchez at all for example. Also da Silva is a better fit than AMN.

re: Nelson being there it’s a way of shoe horning him into the team I guess


I bet Doncaster never thought they’d be playing against Alexis. There will probably be a scuffle for his shirt.


Yep, this was my point. Sounds silly to say it but the team we have out is too strong.

But hey ho. Hope we smash them 8-0 now, with that line-up.


Yeah, puto Wenger. He is treating Alexis like a prat.


MDC open.






Well seems I made the correct decision not streaming this… Sounded awful. 1-0 against Doncaster at home? :neutral_face:


what a shit game, started well for the 1st 15 minutes and looked somewhat decent so fucking wasteful the frontline…beyond frustrating couldnt score with a 2 cent hooker!


Could just have easily been 4-0 if it wasn’t for the woodwork and Walcott.

Wilshere looked awesome and I had no idea Iwobi was so fast.

Nothing game at the end of the day, can see why we weren’t going balls to the wall against them, they never threatened.


Has to be said 1-0 at home to a lowly league 1 outfit at home with the 11 we sent out is pretty piss poor, when’s the draw for the Round of 16 ?


Well, what can i say after 1-0 home win against Doncaster? Nothing :arteta:. Crap.


Happening tonight


What an absolute shower of shite


Was it a case of 35 shots on goal with no reward, or were we just really unproductive


On the bright side, Alexis looked like he enjoyed every second of that match :arteta:


The scoreline was very flattering to Doncaster


Giroud and Alexis should never start a game together, and that lineup was a massive pisstake aside. Wenger is a joke, so fucking tired of his clueless shit.

Was it? I didn’t really see us with that many real chances. Was barely watching though tbf what with the streams and it being a shower of shite that was less interesting than my soup.


We haven’t enough players to fight for a regular place into the XI. The recent games vs Cologne and Doncaster have confirmed that. The level of quality between the starters and the reserves (apart on attack) is totally unbalanced. I’m really worried about that.

Koscielny, Mustafi, Monreal :arrow_forward: Chambers, Mertesacker, Holding. The first is injured again, the second will retire at the end of the season and the third is really in trouble, not the same player which we have seen last season.

Bellerìn and Kolasinac :arrow_forward: we haven’t proper backups. Maitland-Niles looks good for a low level and played only on the left, Nelson not good on the right for competitive games, Chambers can’t play as wing back, Debuchy not involved.

Ramsey and Xhaka :arrow_forward: Elneny and Coquelin can’t be regular starters and neither in contention for a place into the XI. They are good players to bring in in the last minutes of the game to defend the result and close the spaces. Wilshere has all the qualities to become a key player but unfortunately is an injury prone. Cazorla is still out.

Ozil and Sànchez :arrow_forward: we’re ok because Wilshere, Ramsey, Iwobi, Welbeck and Walcott can cover their positions. I accept to not pretend to have WC players on the bench watching the others on the pitch. We aren’t Manchester City.

Lacazette :arrow_forward: Giroud and Welbeck are luxury players to keep on the bench.

I really don’t know how Arsène will manage to play all the competitions with a group of players with many defections and roles not enough covered.

In my opinion we need a CB capable to fight for a place with the current back three, another midfielder and the backups for the wingbacks.