Arsenal Vs Doncaster Rovers (Carabao Cup 3rd Round)


By coach mostly.


For those outside the UK wondering who or what a ‘Doncaster’ is, it’s another horrible urban blight on the landscape in the north, making a mockery of the notion of England’s ‘green and pleasant land’. Think Mordor before the recession hit


I feel like the UK is essentially just one huge swath of urban blight and decay with an occasional pretty green spot and Bath.


Now that we have cut some dead wood I’m having difficulty figuring out who we can play that’s half way decent that we can play so we don’t risk any injuries.



Why play Akpom at all? It wasted valuable gametime that could be better allocated elsewhere to players who actually have a chance of breaking into the 1st team


I guess we could but I’m more concerned with picking up more injuries to first teamers. Who would you rather have then?


Depending on the experience of the other players in the 11 I’d Nketiah a look.


Fair enough. I don’t know much about him. I do know it’s rare for Arsene to give a guy a chance in the first team before the age of 18. At least that’s been the case recently.



Holding Per Chambers

Amn Elneny Iwobi Monreal

Nelson Walcott



Nelson has to start indeed


Holding chambers merts
Debuchy Elnery jack nacho
Amn nelson


Anyone remember the last time we played Doncaster was also in the league cup in 2005/06?


I must admit I have no real recollection of that particular tie.


Don’t remember that one, at all.


What a game.

Eboue, Senderos, Quincy, Hleb, Bendtner in the team, RvP limping off injured, Gilberto scoring.

Wish I’d had a chance to see us draw with Doncaster and then win on penalties :joy:



Senderos for the second goal. :arteta:


No point wasting minutes on Debuchy. Persona non grata to me, sorry

In the later rounds of this competition if we get there (semis onwards) I’d play Bellerin and up until that point I’d give yoof a chance, i.e Osei-Tutu who’s currently in the hot seat for our Prem 2 side


Josh DaSilva trained with the team, that might be our LWB/LB option, by all accounts he’s doing very well there for the u23s.


I think naming the comp after a primate that is special in all of our hearts is quite nice.