Arsenal Vs Crystal Palace (PL)


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Who are Arsenal?

I can see a win, lose or draw category but I can’t see one for couldn’t care less.

The only thing I would say about this game, is that if we lose, and are outplayed at home to Crystal Palace, it would be fair to say Wenger has lost the dressing room.

There might even be a resignation speech after the game by him.

Malcom and Aubameyang’s debut :eyes:

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And we go again…

4-0. Aubameyang hat-trick, with Malcom putting the final nail in their coffin.


Girls are funny :xhaka:.

0-6. Zaha and Benteke’s hattrick.

Only interested in this if we have a new signing and Ozil is playing


I know what time I’m going to the gym at next Saturday.

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Early enough to get back to watch the match? :henry2:


And my gym is partly underground. With no phone reception. And I don’t yet know the wifi code!

Who is gonna watch Arsenal is a cunt. Don’t let yourself down again and do what you like :wink:

So supporting your team makes you a cunt? ok Luca lol

I hate Arsenal in this moment. Lost to a bunch of rotten fruit.

I’ll be watching Colchester. Which will probably be just as painful. I need a new hobby!

Good choice Jade. Probably watching some Championship team. Fuck Wenger the dictator.

100% guarantee you’ve just called yourself a cunt there.


Watching Fulham on saturday.

A return to home comforts and 3 points. Meandering along in 6th place. I think we may even stay in 6th from now all the way through to May

So you took a long vacay, but the question is have you gotten so disenchanted with the club that you’ve dropped your season tickets??

Anticipation level for this game: