Arsenal vs Chelsea (PL)




Welbeck would have still missed it though :hipster:


When we beat Barca 2-1, Fabregas was in a similar position and played a great outside of the foot pass to Nasri who cut it back to Arshavin. That’s the difference. Xhaka is shit man.


That annoyed me SO much. My seat is pretty much parallel with Welbeck as Xhaka fucks that pass.


I was so pissed at that pass lol.


So many times when I go onto that PL site and change the year and the gameweek the reaction is always the same.

Holy shit, we were 1st/2nd/in the title race in Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb !?

We were good last season, then we had a run of like 2 wins in 10 or some shit and never truly recovered. You wonder how a team can lose so much of it’s spark within the same season, basically every season.