Arsenal vs Chelsea (PL)


No idea what you’re talking about @Calum :sunglasses:


Mysty would be proud sham :wink:


I wish he’d fucking come back. :disappointed_relieved:


What has happened to him?

Last seen 4 months ago:


Did the OA awards winners ever get announced sham?


No, I haven’t quite got around to it. Have to say, lost the appetite for it this year. Very little interest all round…


Have to agree tbh. Maybe it’s past its best and needs a few years rest.


It’s time to draw the line after 22 Premier League games. I noticed a surprising :chart_with_downwards_trend: than last season: 8 less points, scored 10 less goals, 5 more goals conceded, Lacazette scored only 8 goals when Sànchez scored 15 goals and assisted 8 times at this point.


Mysty was a lot more enthusiastic about the yearly awards and made a bigger deal, sold it harder. The other issue is that it’s a major chore to search for good posts and threads, was alot easier on the old site for some reason, and Mysty would kinda post links and spoon feed us a bit, I think he really liked the year end awards for some reason. Not dumping on u Dan btw just an observation.


That was how he was about the whole site, not just the awards.


Had we seriously scored 50 goals after 22 games last season ? I find that a little surprising


Yes, but in relation to the awards the enthusiasm goes a long way to make them a bit more successful is all I’m saying.




Jesus, we really did make a balls of the second half of the season didn’t we.


Maybe, but fuck that you know. People are either interested or not at the end of the day.


Lol, I’d hardly sell half the shit i need to in order to make my company happy if that were my attitude but fair enough, sales aren’t for everyone :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah Jesus, 47 points after 22 and a GD of + 27 actually isn’t too bad.


Yea, I don’t get paid for this. :slight_smile:


Lol, I was going to make a big post with a bunch of highly liked posts with links, but I figured I’d let a mod do that, as it’s their job…they don’t get paid for lol…oh well.


You can run the whole show next year if you fancy it. :slight_smile: