Arsenal vs Chelsea (PL)


Vigilante justice Vs refs please


Sànchez, Wilshere and Mesut are keeping the Arsenal alive. Their immense talent are balancing the lack of finishing and the poor defending.

Before to buy a top CB, Arsène should sign a top defensive coach because our defensive work is so poor. I never seen a team who defend poorly like us, neither Benevento in Italy.

Arsène has 27 days to make this team better.


46 posts. Bloody hell. And some say we should have won. Perhaps, but Chelsea could have won too.

Wilshere, was it a second yellow? Yes. But then you look at Kane and Alli, what they got away with, and you think fair enough. Consistent refereeing and all that.

It was the best match I have watched this season and a fair result IMO.




Result was fair, but no way known we would have got awarded a penalty if the same thing happened at the other end of the ground. Even if it didn’t get awarded though, I very much doubt it would have changed the result.


Same feeling…


Anyway, there are two facts on the :balance_scale:️: one is to have played a very good game despite the absences and the other one is to have bottled the three points because of poor defending.


This is the crucial point, we just DON’T get those soft ones ever. I don’t understand why.

If we had kicked the ball against a WBA players arm the same way, no fucking chance would Dean have given a pen. Same goes for this today, imagine the exact same scenario in their box and Taylor wouldve just brushed it off.


he has had a decade to do that what makes you think we will see a big change in 27 days haha.


Very entertaining game, thoroughly enjoyed it. At 1-0 we really needed to kick on and get the second as Chelsea are notoriously good at getting a goal against the run of play.

Overall we could’ve won, and with a better defence probably should’ve won. Unlike WBA the referee didn’t cost us here, our inept defending and toothless front-line prevented us from kicking on.


:joy::joy: Couldn’t believe what I was seeing tbh. Thank fuck it was Morata


That pretty much sums it up. That moment was comically surreal.


To be fair although the defending was shaky, that ball to Morata (forget who played it) was a worldly.




Great footballer that.


Don’t think a defensive coach or other individuals players are going to make this team defend better. That lies with Wenger.




I have to say Chelsea have failed to beat us in our last 3 meetings. We seem to have found the key to stop them.


Well we didn’t really stop them. Morata did that for us :grin: The man couldn’t hit water if he was standing on a boat!


Conte has beaten us once in 6 meetings.


Why has this been moved out of the match thread section haha