Arsenal vs Chelsea FA Community Shield


Yep, 9 wins in a row at Wembley. I’m looking forward to our two home games v Spurs this season :sunglasses:


no one can say they didnt want it either because of contes comments and the team he put out.


Chavs deserved that–lol sending out the keeper to take one.


Remember to go to another Wembley game when you can. You are our talisman :wink:


When was the last time we lost a penalty shoot-out?


Didn’t someone say the team was not even champs standard



Conte affirmed the significance of the cup, stating “It is not a friendly game. It is an official game and there is a trophy so for us it must be important”

But yeah, he didn’t wear a suit so… fucking hell.


Calm down fella. Learn how to interpret humour. :slight_smile:

Well deserved win from what I saw (about a half hour in). Fucking love Kolisinac already. Will have to learn how to spell his name properly sooner rather than later.


So let me get this straight? The first team takes one penalty, then the other team takes two in succession, then back to the other team and their keeper takes a goal kick? I don’t get it.


the GK didnt need to take a kick he just did so because…well the chavs are somewhat overconfident.


It’s a trophy. Just a not very attractive one.


Oh that was humour? :rofl:


Never in doubt


Or he’s usually rather good at them but happened to miss this one.


Nice goal kick by Courtois


The fact that Courtois took the second penalty (which can only be described as the most pre-season penalty you’ll ever see) kinda says that Chelsea weren’t taking this game too seriously.


We would have won anyway, Wembley is our playground, Barca are just lucky we didn’t make the 2011 CL final.


[quote]Chelsea boss Antonio Conte said recently he wanted to avoid a “Mourinho season”, when the Blues suffered a slump after winning the Premier League title in 2014-15.

That “Mourinho season” also started with a defeat by Arsenal in the Community Shield…[/quote]



Courtois has taken plenty of penalties for Chelsea and is actually quite good at them. Really advise you to Google it, his penalty against PSG in the champions league especially was well taken.


Agreed - and both teams were pretty non-representative of starting lineups, but still… it is a win over Chelsea and we came from behind and we lift a trophy (granted, a Mickey Mouse trophy)… Happy today to see us play a bit better, still pretty disjointed, and that goal we conceded was a shambles from about 6 plays before the eventual goal…

Anyway, going to enjoy it despite all the caveats and look forward to starting the season on Friday.