Arsenal Vs Cardiff (PL)

Premier League Match 29
Tuesday 29 January
The Emirates Stadium
KO: 19:45

Be great to just get through a game without an injury tbh.

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Cardiff win

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This game should have been Sala’s debut :pensive:


Low key game played out in a weird atmosphere.

Arsenal to score 1 goal more than Cardiff

Be respectful and then just get the job done. Sorry but we have to do our job. 4 0.

Our bread and butter :syringe:.

They’ll most likely be fired up for this game as the tragic loss this week will drive them to show what they can do.

Our biggest task is not to fuck this up. 3-1 to The Arsenal.

We’ll win this one. Must win as well, given the inevitable loss to Man City next weekend

It would be fair to say that the Emirates won’t be bursting at the seams for this match.
It should be an easy win.
I’ll go 2-0, Aubameyang and Perisic to score :grin:

Tough game. Could go either way.

We win this, by 2-0. Cardiff will throw 11 men behind the ball and won’t attack much. Be a bit of a slog but we get over the line. Type of game you give Ozil a game in, put Auba and Laca up front and just go for it.

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At least Mustafi will be happy.
I bet he can’t believe his luck.
He starts on the bench and watches two CB’s get injured against Man U.
This means of the CB’s we have available he is the first choice against Cardiff.
Even Mustafi could keep a clean sheet against them.

Honestly dont see any pecking order of note amongst all our cbs.

Cardiff don’t score away from home but they’ll never have a better chance against Mustafi and Lichtsteiner :laughing:

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Didnt they take us to the last minute when they came last time. We where going well at the time I think.

Bendtners last goal for us! haha


Should win and keep a clean sheet here :roll_eyes:

This on TV?


Not nice saying this but we have to be ruthless to their situation. Early goal and they may well fold. Just get it done lads.

Ffs. Embarrassing how other countries have TV-access to all PL matches while we in the UK don’t(by legal means).

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