Arsenal vs Burnley (Premier League)

#Arsenal vs Burnley
Sunday 22 January 14:15
Premier League

I expect us to play the same XI that started against Swansea. I also expect another straightforward victory. Hopefully we’ll see more of Lucas and Welbeck.

3-0 to the Arsenal.


  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Burnley win

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Comfortable win again. 3-0.

The same 11? Bellerin will surely come back in. Maybe Coquelin too.

But yeah should be a straightforward easy win. Burnley have 1 point from away games this season, let’s not give them another.

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Dunno, can see Wenger resting Bellerin a bit longer, given it’s ‘just’ Burnley. Maybe he’ll be on the bench.

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Their away form is the worst in the PL, and we are strong at home.
Should be an easy win, and they won’t score.
I’ll go for 3-0, Sanchez to score, and be taken off, and not sulk.

I am going for a 4-0 win I also would like Lucas and Welbeck to get more game time, I am expecting Alex to get a brace.:sunglasses:

Burnley are shit away from home. Enough said.

They don’t get beaten by 4s and 5s often though do they, compared to Swansea. Infact in their last 5 defeats they’ve lost either by a single goal (4 occasions) or two goals.

A resolute Burnley defence again, I predict 2-0 Arsenal. I think we could put a few past Watford though for the GD


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Yeh they’ll be parking that claret bus of theirs and stacking multiple other buses on top of each other. They will be coming for an upset so I don’t expect to be running them off the pitch by any margin. I’m going for a stout 1-0 win for us here, a frustrating afternoon.

2 or 3-0 Arsenal for this one as Burnley offer very little away from home.

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Would like to see Perez start this one.

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Has anyone got a few spare tickets for the Burnley Match going? Ideally three for a father and two sons or very minimum 2.

Many Thanks


We need to be winning every PL game up to the Chelsea one, not just to stay in the title race but to keep top 4 safe.

Burnley aren’t the same team as they are at home, so if we turn up and play to our best we win this 3-0. But it be nice to see us start off a game for once in their faces instead of waiting until deep into the 2nd half when we only start to play. Expect Bellerin to be put back in but aside from that we should play the same side we did at Swansea. We cannot afford to drop anymore points.


Late Giroud winner.

Usual then haha

uncomfortable 2-1.



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If Spurs don’t win we could go up to second with a win here. Expect it to become more difficult than needed, but should be a win in the end.

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The amount of fucks given about this game is clear to see from the number of posts in this one :sweat_smile: