Arsenal Vs Burnley (PL)

Sunday 13 December
Premier League Match 12
The Emirates Stadium
KO: 19:15
:tv: Sky Sports

4th time lucky for Sunday Night Football?

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Burnley win

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Ah this can get fucked to be honest. Think my cheapo sky pass expires the day before anyway.

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Maybe we win this if we 'y’know play some of the guys who are actually used to winning elsewhere in the Europa league.

Fuck I was tossing up between draw and late narrow Arsenal win, in the end I’ve got for a disappointing 1-1.


2 - 0 Arsenal.

If I see 3 CBS and 2 holding midfielders against fucking Burnley at home I’m switching off.


State of that kick-off time smh. Must win game for Arteta. Burnley are shit, but can we score a goal against them?

I fully expect we’ll see the same game we witnessed just a week ago. Arsenal will have possession for 60% of the game, but we won’t know how to open up Burnley’s two banks of four (just watch Man City 5-0 Burnley, Mikel). Crosses will be sent in and headed out in kind. Will we break 50 this time round?

Gabriel knocks one in from a Pepe corner. Arsenal 1-1 Burnley


Pepe still out mate. That mean we lose 1 0 now then.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Burnley due up here and will target this as a game they can get something.
Haven’t won away yet but think Wood will get a brace in a 2 1 win.
Arteta won’t have the humility to change and we will get bogged down and drawn into a stalemate.
Burnley take points off everyone at sometime. United and Liverpool last season. Think they add us this week .

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Another defeat and Arteta finally sacked


This will never happen but I’d love to see AMN get some time playing because he and Saka are the two guys we have who make penetrating runs. Those runs usually result in cut backs to our forwards in the opposition box. Gotta get some doods out there on the pitch who can cause the defense issues.

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Cant see us scoring. Burnley to score from dead ball and on the break. We may get 50 crosses in for catching practice for Pope
2.0 Burnley

We’re not going to lose to Burnley!

We rarely get anything but 3 points against Burnley. We haven’t lost to them in the league since 1974. We beat them when they were at their best and we’ll beat them when they’re at their worst!

They might sense a vulnerability in us at the moment, but we sense a shitness in them. They are the pond life in the football hierarchy.

They’ve scored 5 goals this season. 5! They don’t have a Jamie Vardy or a Jack Grealish. They have a Josh Brownhill!

Anyone who thinks they’ll beat us is not giving them the disrespect they deserve.

Tis the season to be giving and we’re letting teams break all sorts of records against us :weary:

Guy on AFTV made the point that the board probably still won’t sack him if we lose. I’m inclined to agree.

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Leicester hadn’t beaten us at home since 1973. Those sons of unmarried mothers from the Black Country hadn’t beaten us at home since 1979.

These 70s records are slowly going.


Well this one won’t be going anywhere anytime soon

I’ll bet you a pork pie

Think I’d rather see Balogun up front and Auba and Laca on the bench/left at home playing Fortnite with Ozil. Our forward play in the prem has been horrendous lately.

Willian needs dropping too.