Arsenal Vs Brighton (PL)

Sunday 2023-05-14T15:30:00Z

:stadium: The Emirates Stadium

:tv: Sky Sports

Opperation 90 points continues!! COYG :red_circle:

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Brighton win

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Will be attending this!! :smile:

(Sorry @Josh )


I will also be there. Today means we’re going to see a proper game, @Bl1nk

Imagine if City lose before we kick off…

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Season’s over then


Did you attend the West Ham match? Where you going to be in the stadium?


Let’s hope you bring better luck with you than last time!

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A nice win for The Arsenal, then Brighton are more than welcome to win every other match they have left to play.


This will be a really tough game, Brighton are a very good football side.

Fingers crossed we edge it, because if we do we’ll likely equal the 90 points we achieved in 03/04.


I don’t doubt it. They’ll give us a game, that’s for sure. Need to shut them down.

De Zerbi can talk all he wants, they lost 5-1 at home to relegation facing Everton, we’re playing for higher stakes, we should give them another five.


I think brighton will be easier than Newcastle and we stomped them in their own supposed cauldron of a dumpster fire ground. I wouldn’t mouth off too much if i was him.

Not to jinx it but we also do tend to have a knack of going on some winning streaks as soon as we end run of bad form. It’s not just this season, it goes as back as 2020. Whatever Arteta is doing, he seems to know how to build on these wins.


I’m convinced we won’t lose again this season and pretty confident we won’t even drop points. Reckon it ain’t going to change a damn thing unfortunately unless City have a complete out of character wobble at such a decisive period


Yeah my only expectations for the last 3 games are to get to 90 points and see what position we end the best league season in about 20 years

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FT: Everton 1-0 City

On my knees for another Sean Dyche masterclass just before this game kicks off.


This has to be the most dead matchday thread this season. :rofl:

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It will pick up tomorrow once Everton have beaten City.


well done for not being worried