Arsenal Vs Bournemouth (Premier League) 3-2

Why are we such a Jekyll and hyde

Easiest of the remaining 13 games and we are losing 2-0

Fuck this shit

Partey has been absolutely dreadful

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This team is gash against low blocks

That’s the thing. Champions don’t lose against such shite teams when the chips are down.

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That’s one

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And 1-2 thank god

GK gift there a bit… wtf was that punch lol

yes, partey
come on lads

This is unacceptable.

Get Jorginho on. He knows what it means to win.

Yes lets fucking go lads

Don’t play with us like that

He read this and took it personally


City did in every season they’ve won


Gotta drive it home now. Can’t be losing this game if we’re serious.

Waiting for VAR to chalk this off.

yeah I saw the moment he looked down at his phone

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Emile Assist Rowe!


Punch was fine. Issue was his defense stood there and no one marked Partey