Arsenal Vs Aston Villa (PL)

How lucky are we?! Not only can Arsenal ruin the beginning of your week, They can also ruin the end of your week aswell ! :fire::fire::fire::fire:

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Villa win

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On course for a mighty 4 points from the week

Most likely a draw. We look tired and jaded atm. Like end of season stuff.

Don’t see us fairing well against going up against two strikers in Ings and Watkins

Couldn’t contain Benteke FFS

I’ll say draw, but the scary thing is I reckon Villa might be the more likely to win it.

Another tricky match but that’s the PL for you.
Buendia looked like his good old self last game which isn’t great news for us. Good thing is that once he got subbed off Villa subsequently turned off as well and couldn’t do much.
Need to contain him and be careful of Watkins and Ings as well.

Knowing us, if we won today we would probably draw this one because Arsenal.
Good wake up call I guess, can’t sleep on Villa.

I completely forgot that this will be the first time a bunch of Buendia’s fans will get to see him play


They were copying my whole flow. Tsktsktsk…

I’m already preparing my buttcheeks for a Buendia brace, Martinez masterclass and Ramsdale howler.


On our home turf? Sounds like Arsenal alright.
If I see that big Emi dancing like cretin at FT I’ll flip the TV. :face_vomiting:

Gonna go 3 points again. Villa will be down after their capitulation against a poor Wolves side.


We’ll get turned over. Not capable of matching a decent side tactically or physically under this manager.


Another draw, at this point it’s not even about the opponents. We just can’t seem to raise our game for anyone and the coach doesn’t have the ability to get a respected level of performance out of this team. Hemorrhaging more points here.

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What better way to start your weekend by watching a circus in action :circus_tent::man_juggling::clown_face:

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Biggest clown is in the opposition goal

Hope for a win, expect a defeat, so here comes the draw

4-1. Auba 2 goals. Ben White 1 goal. Martinez own goal.

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If we lose it means we’ve had consecutive home games against mid table teams and only a point to show for it, which is totally unacceptable.

It also means we’re looking at a season where there will be more chance of us being relegated than a top four finish and any supporter who thinks this won’t happen hasn’t been paying attention to what Arteta and the board have been doing.

If we lose you’d imagine Arteta will be gone

Nah. Think he’s safe until at least Christmas whatever happens.

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