Arsenal Vs AFC Bournemouth (PL)


So the first two PL matches against each other we have won 2-0. Would take the same again! So I’m gonna go for a hattrick of 2-0 wins! COYG

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After a month of showing how average we truly are I guess we’ll probably win this to start the delusions all over again.


I think we will continue our recent trend of score draws, Bournemouth have been in decent form and we have lacked fluidity etc. 1-1.


Would be disaster tbh… we need 3 points here and need to find some attacking fluidity in the worst way. Can easily see us falling way off the pace if we don’t get our sh*t together now.


Couldn’t agree more, we really need to string lots of wins together over December & January because our schedule is pretty favourable for the most part in this period.


Ox Kostafi Monreal
Xhaka Rambo
Walcott Ozil Iwobi


We should win this considering their best player who, ironically, is our player, isn’t playing.
But they did beat Stoke away last week, so it won’t be easy, and they will be hard to break down.

If we can’t beat teams like Bournemouth at home then it will show we aren’t going to win the PL, because they haven’t got a single player that would get in our first team, and that includes Wilshere, who won’t be playing.
I predicted the last two games as draws and was right, but we should win this, even if it is a close game.


Got a bad feeling about this game… Can see another lacklustre performance and maybe a defeat.


Just win. Nothing more. We need to stop drawing.


Can we please play the team that thrashed Chelsea, Giroud and Ramsey slow us down so much.


The excitement over this game in here is unreal.


Impressive how you’ve managed to ensure there will be no reason to be pleased with this game no matter what happens.


I think this will be a home win, but by virtue of winning neither Tottenham at home, nor United away, I guess we’ve ramped up the pressure on ourselves to get maximum points against all the West Broms, Palaces, Bournemouths and whoever else we still have left to play before January.

We could do with the chavs/scum match ending all square too, make some points back on last weekend


Well one thing we have done very well in recent years is to bounce back from a couple of luke warm performances, rarely have we been poor for more than two or three games in a row as of late I think.

Hope the levees break and we rack up some wins now. And tbh, Spurs, Man Utd and PSG in a row without our midfield center piece (Cazorla) isn’t an easy string of games. We didn’t get much done in any of the games admittedly but now we’ll face a handful of teams where we should enjoy more possession and with that we shouldn’t be as dependent on our most technical midfield distributor. Hopefully.


This has an Arsenal win stamped all over it. Xhaka performing an absolute masterclass of midfield artisan proportions assisting two of our four goal scorers. Topo’d out.


Win,lose or draw it will make no difference our season is almost over, again.
Does anyone on here think we have improved enough to win the title?.
we have some fantastic players in our side, but a weak, clueless manager interspersed with average /good players will cost us again.
Wenger had no intention of getting rid of Giroux or Rambo. ( I know it is giroud has pulled us out of the Shiite this year but he is still not the world class striker we,ve needed for the last 10 years.) Wenger would sink this club before he will admit he is a fookin clueless goon.( A fookin rich goon I might say). Wenger will continue stringing us along for as long as the knob jockey directors keep paying him silly money. mystic Len sees another blank season. Another fight for fourth spot.


Walcott--------Özil----------The Ox

I’m a bit tired of Iwobi’s lack of defense. Last time Ox played on the left he did well, and I like his defensive work rate a lot better than Iwobi. Xhaka needs some game time and Ramsey did OK last week. Not thrilled with how Jenkins on has played on the right, but he has done well defensively. Hasn’t offered much going forward, but then again he hasn’t played much in a year. He might grow back into that the more he plays.


Should change the formation whilst Bellerin is out.


Good old grumpy @lengooner is back! :wink: