Arsenal v West Brom (PL)


I want a 4-0 or 5-0. I know it’s never gonna happen, but looking at City and Chelsea. I want it too!!! Lacazette hattrick please.


Why is this on Monday night and not today other than them wanting a Monday night game on telly?


Probably because they want to make the Steel City derby the main focus. Fair enough really. It’s the first one in 5 years.


Come on the Owls :owl:


We have a game in Europe in mid week I wouldn’t say fair enough I’d say its bollocks myself

Granted it’s not that much of an issue as it’s a meaningless group stage game but still not good


My answer was more about why there isn’t a 1.30pm PL game. But anyway, this is the only time this is happening. We’re not playing on a Monday night for the next couple of months at least. And we have the same gap between matches as Liverpool, City and Spurs who all play on Tuesday.

The FA/TV have never cared about English teams in Europe, they’re not going to start worrying now.


I do prefer Sheffield United :sunglasses:


yes, but, owls :heart_eyes:


Another fucking Pulis classic production upcoming. Nail these fuckers hard. 3-1 to The Arsenal.


We need to win after all our rivals won they respective games


0-0 draw incoming


Boring danish biscuit :xhaka:


The stage is certainly set for us to fuck this.


Laca, Sanchez and Ozil to feature, surely we can’t mess this one up, can we?




Tony Pulis teams don’t trouble Arsenal at Emirates Stadium, moderately comfortable home win and the 2nd of a 5 or 6 game win streak in all comps


Milan lose, Sheffield Wednesday lose, juve, manutd and Chelsea win, put all your money on West Brom teams I like are cursed this weekend.


@Gio Weird, for some reason I thought you liked the Blades.


You haven’t fallen out with a girl as well have you? Then we’d be really fucked


I actually did have an argument with some bint who gave me some shit lines about why she couldn’t go on a date with me when she’d seemed super excited, then posts on instagram a photo of her on a date the very next day…