Arsenal v West Brom (PL)

Arsenal vs West Brom

Premier League
Mon Sep 25 - 20:00
Emirates Stadium


  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • WBA win

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Can see a 2-goal win. Hopefully. Start Alexis!

0-0 draw after a world beating performance from Foster

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I don’t want to jinx anything, but the last time West Brom won at the Emirates was in 2010… on September 25th :eyes:


Almumia that day :see_no_evil:

Think this is a 2-0 win. Love MNF as its something to look forward to on a Monday :sunglasses:

You are so boring :xhaka: :mustafi:

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No christ! Shut up! :stuck_out_tongue:

A late Giroud winner on a frustrating night against a well organised WBA side.

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Fuck off with this Monday bull shit.


Agreed it’s annoying when Arsenal don’t play actually at the weekend. Monday night isn’t the weekend.


Not a big fan of MNF either. Would honestly prefer us to play at 15:00 Saturday


Monday night is great. Emirates looks beautiful at night and you’re not having to watch a crappy stream,

Definitely not shitting myself over WBA, once we score the 1st goal they’ll have nothing to play for, I also hate their irrelevant status and boring ugly players and manager who encourages anti football, 3-0 Arsenal


Even because we play again on thursday. We don’t have enough rest.

Pulis will be going for a draw, so it’s not going to be a goals fest, unless we score early.
I’ll go for a scrappy 1-0 and Sanchez to score.

Lol isn’t that exactly what happened in this fixture last season? 0-0 until the 80 something minute and then bang, late Giroud winner.

I’m hoping for a bit more excitement this time round.

Yeah I just thought of that after I typed it actually, think it was Boxing day from memory as I was watching drunk after a pretty big day at the Cricket.

Hoping for Big G’s #100! Don’t care what the score is, just get a win.

There’s always excitement of some sort or other when Giroud plays :sunglasses:

I trust Laca to score at the Emirates again. If we scored first in the first half then it would probably mean game over.