Arsenal v Sunderland (League cup)

Arsenal v Sunderland in the Carabao Cup quarter finals.

Tuesday 21st December.
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(Fingers crossed football doesn’t get cancelled)

  • Arsenal
  • Sunderland

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Would like to win this cup.


Easy win for Mikel’s tricky gunners

Rare start for Aubameyang though? Might struggle to score :sweat_smile:

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We should play the B team unless we know that football is going on break afterward for a while.


It won’t get played

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It’s gonna be the new Ozil where people wonder if he’s gonna be included in the squad for the next match. :sweat_smile:

On a serious note I hope we rotate a lot. We shouldn’t rely on the likelihood that the league gets a break due to the Omicron spread.

Will go with this personally:

Yep, that’s 10 changes but the team should be able to get by just fine against Sunderland.


Sunderland played today/Saturday.

I guess you think they will call all football off?

Yeah I can see a break being advocated. On the other hand it could be a fixture that the teams wouldn’t greatly be bothered going ahead with even if there was a loss of players to covid as long as they could get it played.

That’s what I’m thinking. I think neither Arsenal or Sunderland will call for the game to be called off as they rather get it out of the way now. I can see the PL calling all matches off till the new year the very next day though.

Arsenal 3-0.

Oh hang on. I didn’t think predicting big Arsenal wins was allowed?

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We’re brimming with confidence now.

Well they’ll probably end up cancelling football anyway,because all these healthy footballers apparently won’t be able to handle it

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If the game goes ahead, play Big Pierre (stranger things have happened)

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He’s training in isolation, so very unlikely. Likely won’t see him even on the bench until after his return from Afcon.

Will be Nketiah and Balogun (forgot if he is on loan) and some other youngsters… since ESR hasn’t been featuring as starter, give him the start as well… Sambi-time too. I guess we have to go for it now that we are this close, but let’s be real, Sunderland isn’t even in the Championship.


So is this still going ahead?

We haven’t lost to these guys for almost a decade, I hope we keep it up 'til I die.

I dislike the league Cup as much as I dislike international football.