Arsenal v Crystal Palace (Premier League)


Not sure what we did to deserve Pulis followed by Allardyce, but so be it.

We have won eight of our last 11 Premier League matches against Crystal Palace, drawing the other three, but new manager syndrome might put paid to that.

So what’s it to be?

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Palace win

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Should be easier than against WBA. Despite Big Sam’s tactics, Palace’s defence are poor.


After 3 laboured performances in a row, this one will be a comfortable home win, the most comfortable since the Stoke and Basel games. No penalties conceded would be nice too.


Big win please.


Arsenal win: definitely
Palace win: fuck off
Draw: fuck off

Poll done.


Lol well a couple of people disagree with you!


I think we will scrap our way to a win in this game also.


Should be a comfortable win. Not really worried that we could drop points against them.


we tend to under perform against Palace but get a bit lucky. Pressure on now after another Chelsea and Liverpool win.
Big Sam factor and im sensing some controversey here. Going for a 2 2 draw.


3-0 Arsenal. Some people will think it means something, others won’t.


Aye should be a simple win. I don’t predict a win often these days, but we should do these.


As sad as it is I don’t think what Chelsea are doing has any relevance to us anymore, What Spurs and United do is more significant.


fucking negative Nigel


Haha its just the truth. You’d have to have seriously rose coloured glasses to think we are more chance of catching Chelsea and winning the League than Spurs or United have of displacing us in the top 4.


we are better than Spurs and United though. It’s not rose tinted glasses. I see us as being with City. If you think we are same as Spurs then you have issues.

oh and i have made my feelings clear on Chelsea


So some may disagree. Of course, but over the course of a season, I’ve yet to be wrong.


I am actually going to this crap. 1-0 is my prediction, hope I am wrong for the sake of my eyes. My uncle and grandad almost fell asleep v West Brom.


C’mon Arsenal! Let’s start the new year in style (and fuck it up during the following months :arteta: )


Don’t under estimate Crystal Palace.
Their defence isn’t great but Allardyce is no mug when it comes to playing us, and he knows how to defend.
They also have some decent attacking players like Zaha, who is in good form, as well as Benteke.

We should win, but it will be close, and they could even scrape a draw.
I’ll go for a close 2-1 win.


Would love a clean sheet today, need to keep those conceded stats down against this sort of opposition.