Arsenal transfers 24/25

Mainoo is a regista though right? He’d play as a #6 here I think.

I don’t think so. Mainoo is a much better tight space dribbler than he is a passer. And he tends to play pretty high up the pitch, as the second midfielder to get involved in the buildup not the first. This has been true both at United and for England.

I think he would be best used deeper though despite what we see for England, for United he plays more as a #6 I believe.

Between the two I’d rather Rice be the one playing like a b2b and Mainoo sitting deeper

City will get Olmo and maybe we get Merino I think

Please speccy, I’m begging you to be actually right

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I think we should be after Olmo.

Considering Arteta was quite happy to play guys like Havertz, Trossard, ESR etc in that 8 position, I don’t see why we wouldn’t play Olmo, even tthough it maybe seems a bit too attacking oriented.

He can actually bring much more on the ball the any of those, keep it under pressurre, create… Obviously he’s a big goal threat too.

Was saying he was class back in his Dinamo Zagreb days… Now, after such a tournament, he’s maybe a bit too expensive, bit there’s still hope if we’re quick enough.

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He’s a great player and certainly one I think would benefit playing in our system. I’ve suggested him a few times for the LCM role.

As per Fabringo Raumbrado, he currently has a 60M euro release clause that is due to expire on Monday 15th July. Given the tournament he’s had I’d say that his price will likely increase afterwards!

The only concern is his injury history for the last few seasons. He’s missed a boat load of football and that’s a red flag. This is probably why he hasn’t been snapped up yet.

I reckon someone will take a punt on him after the Euros though.




Can we please hire an Inaki Cana for strikers and wingers too, so he can lobby for this insane investment in one position group


I’d be happier if we had an Inaki Cana for getting our no.1 transfer priority resolved, a midfielder. But a Striker/Winger Inaki is also needed.

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We need to buy all the goalkeepers first!

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Sambi Loankonga :tomi:…I’ll see myself out.


Good. I thought I was going to have to step in.

Man we could get 8 Bentley’s for that money.


Next Manuel Almunia Rivero.

Rumours online that the mystery German and the player we are targeting this summer is Jamal Musiala. Bayern seeking Xavi Simons as a replacement on loan from PSG.

Oh please fuck me that would be amazing.

I struggle to believe it. You’re BSing, in 5 mins I know you are going to talk about another flipping GK Cana has his eye on


Rumours from who?

I mean we are likely to be signing a 2nd and a 3rd choice GK by the sounds of it, plus Calafiori. But we will be signing some attacking targets too!

A reliable source…