Arsenal transfers 23/24

The fact that Arteta was so hot on Vlahovic and the Toney links seemed legit makes me think that we’ll go in for a target man in the summer.

No idea who though.

That was last summer/previous transfer windows ago though. His thoughts for the evolution of this team might be different or have changed since then.

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Not sure I agree on this because it took a WHILE for Arteta to start using Havertz as a 9. He used him there in the Community Shield for the first time and then after that only against Liverpool in that FA cup game around the new year.

In the meantime he was quite comfortable about using Eddie there, while Jesus was injured, and it took a lot of time for him to try something different - even though he had both Havertz and Trossard available all the time. That doesn’t really tell me Arteta is too keen on having a creator/link up guy (a false 9) in that role primarily.

I still think Havertz is only kind of a makeshift solution there, not a big long term plan/vision of Arteta to properly use him as a 9 (or some other similar player). Obviously, after his good performances there recently, he’ll surely remain a strong option/alternative for that role, but I still believe Arteta sees him primarily as an 8 on long term (considering for how long he pushed him in that position, even while he was realy underperforming).

Again, going back to Eddie too, I still think Arteta would be very happy to have someone who is primarily a goalscorer (obviously having decent enough all round game) in that position and definitely is keeping an eye on Gyokeres and similar players.

I think that’s his primary plan also because of the fact our wingers don’t offer enough goals (in that Salah-Mane range) to go for a 9 who would act as their provider/facilitator primarily.
Maybe I’m wrong, they’re still young enough, but it doesn’t seem to be going in that direction this season.

The Havertz signings has flipped things entirely though. He was originally brought in to be the ‘Left-8’ but things develop during a season. Especially for a team such as Arsenal; Arteta and his coaches appear to be proactive in their approach to what’s going to be in front of them in a game. Tying Havertz down to simply one position isn’t a plan when he’s a player that has a lot of different tools to work with.

Havertz has mentioned his flexibility, Rice has recently mentioned that his role as a #6 could be considered what an #8 might do for another team. I see the team moving into more of a fluid attack rather than spear pointed, and lead by a ‘target-man’. Gyokeres isn’t exactly a target man and I gather we probably appreciate the player but I equally would be surprised if we went a bit abstract for some of these attacking roles in the summer. Not to say that we don’t do the obvious thing and splurge on Gyokeres but I have an inkling we don’t go for the most obvious option that everyone expects.

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no need to put too much attention on what position Kai will play.

As a LCM, as a false 9, basically his heat maps are pretty much identical.

If we do sign another striker, it could be a prolific scorer, or it could be another hybrid that can play multiple positions.

fitting Arteta’s tactics/setups, is far more important than anything I believe.


A target man doesn’t mean the attack can’t be fluid. Somebody who has a good technical level and can hold the ball can offer a possiblity for Martinelli, Saka and Odegaard to combine with, get one-two’s, overlap etc. If anything a presence in the box can help us in tight spaces/double blocks.

Kai and a new number nine will be used up front next season, Jesus will rotate with wide players and we’ll hopefully get reinforcements there and in the middle too. Need a 100 point season next year to smash City into oblivion.

Not sure about source

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Yes fucking please! This guy is a superstar in the making.

Doesn’t he play across the front line in real life?
My FM scouts rate him very highly and suggest he’s versatile.

Would be decent winger but not for big money.

He has a 175m euro release clause. Even if Milan don’t expect that much, it gives a sense of what ballpark we’d be talking about.


I’d be happy to lose ESR to get this fucker in! If that isn’t a show of faith in his talents, I dont know what is.

Happy to pay north of 90m. Keep Lokonga around if it helps him to settle.



He is absolutely not worth that money.

Unless Theo Walcott is worth that much.

Apart from his finishing, he’s a special talent. Have seeen his breeze past 3 or 4 defenders like they don’t exist.

Finishing is not his problem.

a couple of days ago I mentioned that I want a winger like a City version Sane.
He showed me what I was asking for yesterday.

Speed, determination, dribbling skills, comfortable to take on defenders in one-on-one situations, dangerous in front of goal…

If Martinelli cannot keep up with Saka, then we really need to upgrade this position (I know he just get back from injury).


His name is Rafael Leao. Nelson and Nketiah leaving helps to fund it.

Martinelli is better and younger.