Arsenal transfers 23/24

YTD 23/24, all comps…

Non penalty goals
Brobbey - 15
Pavlidis - 21
Osimhen - 6
Vlahovic - 11

Shots on target%
Brobbey - 50.8
Pavlidis - 54.4
Osimhen - 29.6
Vlahovic - 35.7

Shot creating actions per90
Brobbey - 3.33
Pavlidis - 3.11
Osimhen - 2.24
Vlahovic - 2.93

Passing accuracy%
Brobbey - 79.3
Pavlidis - 70.5
Osimhen - 67.9
Vlahovic - 70.3

Take on success%
Brobbey - 55.1
Pavlidis - 39.6
Osimhen - 40.7
Vlahovic - 48.0

Aerial duels won%
Brobbey - 58.8
Pavlidis - 39.1
Osimhen - 47.0
Vlahovic - 38.7

Age, market value* (*transfermarkt)
Brobbey - 22, 15
Pavlidis - 25, 25
Osimhen - 25, 111
Vlahovic - 24, 60

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FDJ is wishlist material. Would be perfect for us. He can have Partey and El Nenny’s wages.

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Vinai Venkatesham is leaving on a free in the summer, FDJ can have his wages too and mine.

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Voted for FDJ as well. Zubimendi is an excellent player, and the one that I think will end up at Arsenal (and will be very happy if he does), but FDJ is a dream signing and would perfectly fit with Odegaard and Rice. It would be the best midfield in the PL if we pulled that deal off. Barca have to sell in the summer and no player seems to be off limits.

Against that context, sell Partey, Vieira, Nketiah, and Nelson with Elneny also leaving at the end of the season. Sign a new striker, use Havertz more as a false No.9, and move Jesus out to also provide cover on the wings.

I still think we could do with another midfielder as well…Zubimendi still features on that list for me (particularly if Jorginho leaves), along with Douglas Luiz, and Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall. That would still leave a space for Patino as well.

3 new Players with maybe 1 new defender to complete the backline. Very achievable in the summer window!

We should get more than 100m for Ramsdale, Nketiah, Partey and ESR but although a top quality striker and DM like Osimhen and de Jong would be great, they’re going to be at least 150m with massive wages as well.

So unless we’re going to have another record breaking window, maybe Zubimendi and a PL experienced striker like Watkins might be more realistic.

Cover for CB, RW and GK


This would be good business and we’d have more strength in depth as well as quality attacking options.

Considering we’re interested in de Ligt there is a very unlikely scenario that MdL and FdJ get to reunite at Arsenal.

Personally, I think if Frenkie was seriously considering leaving, Pep would probably sign him at City.

However, I am wondering how the charges are going to affect City. Obviously there hasn’t been any official statement yet but people seem to speculate we’ll hear the punishment next year.
Could turn some players off from committing to City given that situation hanging over their head.

I keep seeing Ollie’s name being pitched. Listen I love the guy and he’s a great all-arounder but he just signed a new contract in October and Villa aren’t that desperate to sell, specifically their best players.

He’s anything but a realistic signing. He’s been Villa’s player of the season so far, unless there’s some release that I’m not aware of, it would take huge fee for then to even entertain selling him to what they would probably see as a rival.


Do not want DeLigt here. Much prefer Gabriel as a defender.

Watkins is supremely unrealistic. He is allegedly a Gooner, but Villa are not short of money and he’s arguably their star. He’s going to pushing towards a Premier League record for a striker in terms of transfer fee.

This is the summer where Edu needs to prove his worth. We have a number of sellable assets so it’s time that he started filling the coffers. Ramsdale, Tierney, Kiwior, Partey, Vieira, ESR (hopefully not), Nelson, Nketiah and Trossard (hopefully not) will all have suitors who can pay decent fees.

Champions League football next year should give us a sizeable pot.

I think de Ligt could actually be a very good signing for us. A Versatile defender who can play at both LCB and RCB. I am convinced that Timber is going to be used as an inverted LB, in rotation with Zinny. White and Tomi will alternate at RB. That leaves us with Saliba, Gabriel and Kiwior as CB options. Personally, I think we need additional cover there. If we lose one of Saliba or Gabriel, I don’t feel confident with Kiwior as a main LBC choice, and yes we could play White or Timber as RCB if Saliba got injured, but then we lose strength at either LB or RB.

Watkins is not a realistic target. It would be different if he hadn’t signed a new contract, but he isn’t going to be leaving Villa, and realistically, when his contract is coming to an end, he would be too old for us.

I agree that FDJ would be an ideal target for City. However, I think if they are found guilty though, as you say, they aren’t going to be signing anyone.

de Ligt has been a flop at both Juve and Bayern , wouldn’t want him here at all.

Was on the bench in Bayern’s biggest game of the season the other day and Tuchel played Dier over him, doesn’t get worse than that

Most of those key players who were part of that Ajax team that almost made the CL final under ten Hag have proven themselves to be frauds except perhaps de Jong

ten Hag too has been shown up as a fraud


Which honestly should’ve been expected, players can peak at the right time and you can overachieve. See Monaco.

Yeah, fuck DeLigt. White, Timber, Tomi and Kiwior is more than adequate cover. No need to be wasting 50m on a hype job.

If he were prepared to come here as back up and didn’t cost much more than Kiwior, I’d still not want to be spending 150 a week on this lump.

FDJ on the other hand, break the bank.

Not heard a sniff about Zubimendis performance yesterday. Anyone watch the game? Quietly shit or quietly good?

Had a decent game till PSG scored. Nothing to write home about.

Wasn’t impressed at all. Thought he struggled a bit. Natural in an away fixture in Europe though. I wishlist the fucker fairly often so this is a non biased take.


That was a very Zubimendi performance tbf. I hope people don’t think he’s some flashy midfielder a la Frenkie or Partey.

His whole schtick is doing the simple things really well. He’s generally very silent and you barely notice him, and that’s the goal.

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Drop the entire budget on FdJ. It’s a Rice level signing for the 8 spot.


I watch him fairly closely and am a fan. Didn’t seem as composed as usual yesterday and far too many safety passes.

He’s more of a poor man’s Busquets than a Partey and I’m happy with that.

He was fairly composed.
He can certainly pull off a grandiose line splitting pass from time to time but he’s generally a very safe passer.

His passing is a bit like Rice I would say. Great range with both feet but he’s a bit conservative.

The idea with bringing him for me is that he can fill in for Rice when needed and also play with Rice, allowing Rice to get more forward.

He might be small player and his look might be deceiving but he’s a bit of a duel monster, especially in the air.

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