Arsenal transfers 23/24

I agree, he’s still arguably our best midfielder so along with Rice and Jorginho we’re really strong in that position and we’ll need him this season, especially in the big games.

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Youssouf fofana also has months left on his contract albeit with an additional year option…

Take it with a pinch of salt but a good family friend who is an up coming agent (united fan) told me yesterday the whispers behind the scenes are Tony to Arsenal is more or less done. Said we were gonna pay big £. Could be b.s but I know he has links to players, other agents etc.

Ivan Toney?


He’s awesome but I wonder if we have outgrown Toney though? Is he a player for a team looking to finish 3/4th or a a player who can help you overtake city/win the CL?


I’m not 100% on board myself but defo wouldn’t say no. 20 PL goals for Brentford last year and arguably the best target man in the league after haaland. Striker market not overflowing with options aswel. Osimhen, Ferguson would cost 100 million plus. Sesko unproven. Isak similar mould to what we have and wouldnt be cheap. Wil be interesting to see what we end up doing. Won’t be surprised if we get him in for 60/70 mill. 27 so could do a job for 3 seasons until we feel a sufficient upgrade becomes available in the market.

That’s who I’d drop a boatload of cash on personally. You know if we don’t, Chelsea will buy him.


They will turn him into a 5m liability


I hear allot about Evan Ferguson but I haven’t seen what all the hype is about.

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Have you watched him play though?

He’s clearly a huge prospect I think

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If Toney can score more than twenty goal a season for Brentford, he could do a lot better playing alongside Saka, Martinelli and Odegaard.
He’s ideal cover for Jesus and Nketiah and gives us different options when we need a goal.

Osimhen is an elite striker, who’d be great, although he’d probably replace Jesus and would cost around 150m but Toney is a proven PL goal scorer and a lot cheaper.

Yeah I watched the United Brighton game. He’s good, don’t get me wrong, but people are already talking about him like he’s the next Harry Kane.

Its more that its early doors for him and already he looks like he can reach that sort of level. It is get him before he does hit that sort of level (if he does of course) and he is not gonna be sold for anything less than insanely stupid money.

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I agree with this.

Not talking about Ferguson specifically but I think teams ought to be more careful when buying from Brighton. Not every high price transfer is gonna hit.

Just look at Cucurella and Caisedo.

You have judge each player on their merits, I wouldn’t say a team should be spectical about Brighton specifically

Caicedo will be fine IMO and prove to be one of the best in his position in the league for years, Chelsea are a huge work in process.

Ferguson looks special especially when facotring in he’s 18


You’re right, but I think those two names are just more of Chelsea being dumbarses. They clearly bought first and ask questions later.