Arsenal transfers 23/24

Anyone but rice

How about McKennie?

Alright, almost anyone…

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He’s going to Leeds.

There is very little downside to signing Rice because he’s still young and already proven in the PL.
He might be more expensive than some of the other options but if we were serious about spending 100m on Mudryk, then an equally influential player like Rice, is worth the same.

Spending our Mudryk money on Caicedo.

Is Caceido that good? Or is this Cucurella hype again?

He certainly has the intensity we’re looking for. Bit of a duel monster. I have more concerns about his ability on the ball. Not that he’s terrible, but he’s nowhere near Partey in that regard.

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So Caicedo to Arsenal, and Rice goes to Chelsea in the summer.

75 mil? L new transfer record. Who is this guy?

Yes, if we get someone for big money now, people can forget another midfielder for big money in the summer. It’s wishful thinking.

I think if we win the league and we get CL football the additional revenue will probably allow us to make an additional big fee signing this summer no?

We were ready to fork out £95m for Mudryk apparently, and we did just spend a cool ~£45m on Kiwior and Trossard.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we have more access to cash than we’re letting on.

Arsenal are considering a £75m move for Brighton’s Moises Caicedo and could once again go head-to-head with Chelsea in the transfer market

Chelsea copying us again.
As Lineker said on MOTD, Chelsea have great scouting team, it’s called Arsenal.

who we also need to be buying is Brightons scout…they got these players for pennies really. They only paid £3m for Mitoma…they hardily ever seem to screw up a transfer and then sell for huge amounts and find more of the same again.

Sometimes these deals are easier done because your Brighton.


Brighton are the best at transfers period.

Buying some of the best talent cheap and selling for the maximum value in most situations and proving better off for it.

Surprised so few posters seem to know about the likes of Trossard and Caicedo on here. Makes me question how much most of you lot watch football outside of Arsenal games. Caicedo has been getting plaudits all season.

Beastly young player. £75m is a lot but do we want this league or not? You could have one of the best talents in that position for 7/8 years and a ready made successor for Partey too. Brighton are not letting him go for less.

If cheaper alternatives or loans aren’t on the required level, go for it Arsenal. Big club mentality.


so in other words…we have bid for mac allister because i say so but if nothing comes out about it ill cover that base too.



Not being funny or anything but how did Bissouma work out on a bigger stage. How impressed have people been with Cucarella. Brighton making good profit isn’t a guarantee of purchasing good players for top clubs.
Bit of a one sided argument that tbh. Not to say that Trossard isn’t a good signing for us.